Add products to Shopify by one click using the oberlo app

Our lesson today is the third part of explaining the oberlo application,  which is a very important part because it is the practical part of this lesson, but if you have not read or have viewed the previous lessons, my advice to you is to return immediately and see these lessons so that you can continue from here and even know how to set the price, because everything On this application it runs automatically.

First we click on search products or search for products on aliexpress. Each person writes his own market name. For example, I will write a necklace and then click Search. The existing goods will appear to me and the product properties and prices will appear before and after the discount and the discount rate is also mentioned in front of me. By pressing Advanced, I can set the price I want from (0- 10 $), for example. Likewise, there is the seller evaluation, the number of times the product was sold, and the shipping period, but what matters most to me is the price. I will choose, for example, No. 5, and click the search tag. Products have a price of less than $ 5.

Well, I like one of the products. What do I do? Click on the “Add to import list” option, and so on whenever you like a product that you will add in the same way. Each person is chosen according to his capabilities and what suits him, for example, according to the price, and you may choose according to the seller’s evaluation and information about him, as well as how much of this commodity was sold in the last month.

Now that I have added the goods that I have chosen to my Shopify store, I will find next to the description and the name of the product, but I will make adjustments to the product name as much as possible so that it will not be very long, and it may show particles that are not supposed to appear at first sight. As for the price (an important part) and it is the core of the matter, we will go to Apps and go to oberlo and then enter the price control policy.Why ?! We have previously explained that if a commodity, for example, is $ 2, and I want to place a $ 5 profit, I will persuade the visitor by comparing the prices, if the good was exceeding $ 10 on Ali Express.

Here we will see this part has already been applied as the price of the commodity, for example, $ 0.60 on Ali Express and was automatically changed here to $ 5.60 depending on the value of the gain that you specified previously, this is in addition to shipping and it is better to make shipping for free. And I am convincing the visitor here that its price is $ 10.60 and I made a discount on it to $ 5.60. This is for goods. As for the pictures, I did not make any effort to download or search for them, as I moved automatically to my store through the application. And then click push to shop to transfer it to my store and if there is more than one commodity I will define them all in the same way, and if I go to my store I will find that all the goods that I have chosen have been downloaded to my store with the same settings and settings that I did previously. This is for how to put a good on your store by applying the oberlo.

In order for you to follow the course with us, try before the marketing process that your store contains at least 50 items, as you are still a beginner in this field, and you must choose them carefully and put every day 5 items in your store. With this, we have finished our study for today entitled (Adding products to Shopify by one click using the oberlo app ).

The second part of the oberlo application: Explain price control in the Shopify store in another way

Explanation of setting price in Shopify store in another way:

With regard to the application of oberlo, specifically the partial price control, we explained in the previous lesson the professional way to set the price on oberlo, which is the method of multiplyier (multiplying the price and doubling the price), and we will explain in this lesson the second way to adjust the price settings in   oberlo so that we have covered all parts of the topic, we will go to Set the price, and then we press the global pricing rule, and from that we press the fixed mark (add), meaning that you add to yourself a fixed profit for the product or for each specific product group at a specific price for which you have a fixed profit margin. This method is easier for beginners and I will explain it until we have covered all aspects of the application of oberlo  .

For example, goods whose price ranges between (0 – $ 2) I will put a profit for them $ 3 for example, then the final price will be $ 5 and I will convince the customer that the price was more than double, for example, I have made a discount for it and by this I have provided him with part of the price and this is A big attraction for visitors, for example, the price ranges between (2 – $ 5) and you will put a profit to be $ 2 in addition to shipping, and you can cancel the shipping costs and be satisfied with the gain that you achieve from the commodity itself. As you wish, you can put the numbers that you think are appropriate for you and your store. Of course, the prices placed in the box provided by comparing prices should be higher than the price that you place in the profit field that you want so that the price is convincing to the customer while making sure to save the settings save.

This is the fixed mark up method and is the easiest method for beginners. Thus, we have completed the lesson of the day whose title was (Explanation of setting the price in the Shopify store in another way), and the next lesson we will review how to put products in the store using the oberlo application and is the most important lesson at this stage.

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