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Google Adsense review

If you once flipped on the pages of the profit-making websites from the internet, you must have met one or several times the word Google Adsense  and you may have stopped there a little or did not pay attention to them, and whether this or that, Google Adsense is one of the most important sites that will qualify you for profit From the Internet and in the next report we will deal with you with all the information and details of Google Adsense and how to use it? And how to profit from it?

What is Google Adsense ?

It is an advertising medium that brings together both website owners and advertisers. In order to be able to profit from the Internet via Google Adsense, you must have a website or channel on YouTube or a blog on Blogger and register through its link and after fulfilling the required conditions Google Adsense will publish on your site ads private advertisers who deal with Google Adsense itself, they are similar to the advertising agency completely comes to it declared a desire to advertise item they want and then are looking for a place that will announce where this place is the website for your matter how much the size of the location or number of Almst Ken in your own channel as long as you have subscribed to Google Adsense will be eligible to be one of the sites that advertise Google Adsense On it, and if you asked yourself about the point of benefiting from that, the matter is very simple, then when you allow Google Adsense to display ads, the latter will pay part of the amount to you that the advertiser had previously paid for it and this amount that you pay for leaving parts of your site to place private ads Advertisers who deal with it.

Types of Google Adsense accounts

There are two types of accounts provided by Google Adsense and they are as follows:

Standard account

This account is the best among the two types of accounts that are included in Google, this account is always linked to a website and allows you to display Google ads on any page of your sites, which gives you more profit.

Hosted account

Hosted account is the account that for each of the YouTube channels and blogs Blogger , if you have a channel on YouTube or a blog on Blogger You can link your account that Google workers mostly Odsens which features are limited and not Kalmmizzat provided by your normal account that.

How does Google Adsense work?

Google Adsense is not a local company for your city in which you live, but it is a global company that attracts advertisers from all over the world, and of course that makes it acquires the largest percentage of ads within the electronic advertising market, but the question remains about how it works, especially if it has this huge amount From ads How do you deal with it? Simply, Google Adsense does more than one study before it determines where its advertiser’s ad will go, and the first study will be on the ad itself.

What is it and what does it offer? And what is the country that follows this ad? And then you do a second study on your website, what does it offer and who is attracted to it and in which country it belongs to, and places its ads according to the results of your research and to facilitate the matter for you I will enclose an illustrative example that explains how it is done with Google Adsense?

Illustrative example

There is an advertiser requesting Google Adsense to display its own advertisement for a cosmetic company. This advertiser has to pay for the period in which Google Adsense will display its ad, so Google Adsense will locate this company, whether it is local or global. Various locations around the world, but if they are local, they are targeted only to people close to the company’s website for cosmetic tools, then Google will search for women’s sites that care about women and their beauty and collect sites that are related to cosmetic tools and there are two cases that Google should consider them if The advertiser announces a local good.

Google will introduce the local sites of the advertiser’s region, such as if this cosmetic company is located in America, for example. Target  Google Adsense American websites that talk about cosmetic tools to display ads at them, and if this cosmetic company is global, it will collect cosmetic sites from around the world and then display these ads to subscribers to it in the Google AdWords program of Google Adsense.

Google AdSense partners

In order to make it clear to you in detail, we will explain to you the parties to the relationship that exist within Google Adsense, which cannot be neglected, so that all parties can finally achieve profit.

1- Google Adsense , which is the service site where all sides of the equation meet, as it is the link for all parties.

2- Google Adwords , which is the same service that Google Adsense provides and this service is an advertising service that enables everyone to profit.




Google Adsense policies

Adsense does not work in vain, but rather it works according to the restrictions that the advertiser and publisher must implement. These restrictions and rules have been established to ensure the continuity of Google Adsense and the continuity of trust granted by those dealing with it. There are conditions imposed on both the advertiser and the publisher together, as follows:

Google Adsense policies with the publisher

Your site must match the policies set by Google in terms of the minimum visibility, so whenever your site is important and interactive, this will attract Google to deal with you, but there is no actual limit to appear to be able to qualify, it is up to Google Adsense and it has to determine whether I accept you or not.

Your site must deal in the following languages:  Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Russian, Slovak, Slovak Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Your site’s content should not be contrary to Google’s policies as it prohibits dealing with sites that contain pornography, or sites that incite violence or racial intolerance, or you trade in illegal things such as forbidden medical drugs, drugs and drugs in general, beer and alcohol Tobacco, weapons, ammunition, counterfeit or counterfeit materials, sites for performances, site browsing and searches in addition to sites for reading various electronic messages, or sites that provide illegal content other than previously mentioned.

Google Adsense policies with the advertiser

Google determines which ad to accept, as it does not accept ads that incite violence, crime, pornography, or illegal advertisements in general.

The advertiser must pay the monies due to Google to show its ads on various websites.

Types of ads provided by Google Adsense

Google does not rely on its ads on one method, but there is more than one way that it can define, as follows

Written advertising

In this advertisement you will be attached to your website a banner containing written information about the advertiser, which is traditional and widely known within the websites.

Streamlined announcement

It is also a written advertisement, but it contains movement and colors that make it more attractive than the written advertisement, as it is more like PowerPoint presentations or infographics.

Video ad

It is a short promotional video that contains some of the advertising elements that provide you with information about the entity that is required to be advertised. In all cases, this ad is more beautiful than the previous two ads, as it is more vital.

payment methods

There are several ways Google pays publishers, and they are as follows:

Pay to watch

Here, Google pays publishers on the basis of those who visit the site and see the advertisement regarding the ads in their website.

Pay on clicks

Google pays here on every click made by visitors inside the site on the banner of the advertisement, and these clicks must be legal and there is no counterfeiting to be held accountable.

Push on deeds

Google pays here for people who enter and participate in the advertisement, such as the announcement of a specific program, so whoever enters and installs the program on his device here, Google pays him, and usually the amount here is higher than other amounts.

Special conditions for placing ads

Google places several conditions on publishers to be able to place ads for advertisers with Adsense on their site, although it leaves them free to choose in terms of choosing ads that they want on their site or ads that they do not want, and they also have freedom to choose where to place ads, but taking into account some restrictions which are As follows :

The banner that is placed inside the site should not affect the content of the site itself, so that the ads are not the main leader within the page, so it should leave the content a space of its own, just like ads.

The ad size should be limited to what Google Adsense determines for publishers and is as follows, 728 x 90, 468 x 60, 234 x 60, 125 x 125, 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 180 x 150, 120 x 240, 200 x 200 , 250 x 250, 300 x 250, 336 x 280, 300 x 600, 320 x 50, 970 x 90.

There should be no factors affecting visitors that push them to click on ads placed within the site.

The cost of ads

In fact, Google does not disclose the total cost of ads, but it acknowledges that the publisher has about 68% of the revenue share that Google Adsense receives from the advertiser, and the reason for the lack of disclosure from Adsense may be that the cost of the advertisement itself differs according to the advertiser himself and according to the contract that is made Between both advertisers and Google Adsense, the cost may differ from one ad to another and to avoid Google from confusion in the matter you see that you put publishers 68% as a fixed percentage they get through advertising inside their sites and these profits are valid for withdrawal once the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100. The dividend yield for the ads reached T provided by $ 100 allows you to receive it and the date of receipt is in the month following the month in which the profits were withdrawn, and you can receive your money through a money transfer through Western Union or through a regular bank check where Google attaches to you the transfer number of your profits, at the address and name That you subscribed to when you log in.

How to subscribe to Google Adsense

All you have to do is have your own site, small or large. The most important thing is that you have a site and enter the website link and email address on the Google Adsense home page. After that, you will read and agree to the policy terms imposed by Google, and then you will use the Google Adsense website. With all your information, you must consider that this information is very accurate, such as the address that you attached is your original address and that the name that you registered with is your real name, because this information is what Google will use to send checks on your profits on it.

Why Google Adsense specifically?

To start with, you should know that Google Adsense is not the only one in the online market when it comes to marketing for electronic ads, but Google Adsense is very popular by both publishers and advertisers and gets the confidence of both, it comes first in the head of electronic advertising companies, where its popularity is great Among publishers, they attracted advertisers to deal with it because they are fully confident that their ads will reach the largest number of publishers, which subsequently reaches the largest number of consumers. It also attracts the publishers themselves, as it provides them with the highest profitable return on ads that you do not offer them. Other electronic advertising companies, Google Adsense gives publishers about 68% of the value of the submitted ad, but most other advertising companies share advertising profits with publishers halfway so that they take for themselves 50% and the publisher takes 50% is the other, which makes Google Adsense more profitable than Other other websites.

Google Adsense features

Like many other advertising companies, Google Adsense has some advantages in addition to some disadvantages, and we will start listing the features for you in the beginning:

High profitability compared to other jealousy of other electronic advertising companies is one of the first advantages of Google Adsense from other sites.

Total control that Google provides to publishers where they have the freedom to control the size of the ad they want, its colors, and its location within their site, which makes it provide more freedom in dealing with ads.

The freedom to choose between the ads that are to be announced on the publishers ’site or not, the publisher here has full right to choose the ads that are on his site or not, just as if he finds an ad that he does not want, he has the right to delete it and choose another ad which makes him also more free to deal in these the point .

Ease of obtaining advertisers, Google saves publishers from the hassle of prolonged search for advertisers, it shortens the way for them to bring to advertisers, and it also enjoys great popularity among advertisers, which makes it always provides you with advertisers on your site, which brings you more profits because with it you will still get advertising campaigns Intense will never calm down.

Targeting ads, since Google does not work in vain, it provides you with ads for your site and ads that will attract your visitors, by providing ads similar to the content of the site they are placed in. This increases the possibility of clicking on ads, which results in an increase in profits. You can also choose the ad that It sees fit for your visitors.

The security that Google provides to both advertisers and publishers is that it fully complies before both of the covenants it imposes, so it is obligated before the advertiser that the account be based on the correct visits only, and only if there is confusion, fraud or forgery in the results of the clicks, he is obliged to refund the amount he paid in the effect of this Counterfeiting the advertiser and punishing the publisher who forged through the closure of their account, as well as before the publisher to attach all his profits completely, no matter how little or large, so the parties here have full rights reserved on this platform.

Google Adsense drawbacks

Many publishers complain about the idea that there is not enough support by Google for publishers as there is no email to communicate with them directly in the event of any problems within the account and even if you try to communicate within the site itself you will not find a response that will help you in this regard.

The limited layouts that Google Adsense puts on ads, as it provides you with certain sizes of ads that you can only choose from, but do not try to mess around and choose a template for yourself based on your mood. The main control of the template here is Google Adsense.

The minimum payment, and in this case you are not entitled to claim Google Adsense profits until you reach $ 100. If you do not reach this number, your money will remain trapped inside it until you reach the cent. This can be unsatisfactory because the main goal of the profits is the freedom to fully control it. If you won, but you did not control the amount you won, how would you feel that you won? !!!

Reasons that could cause your Google Adsense account to be closed or suspended

Google has some policies imposed by you and you have agreed to them through acceptance and if they are violated your account will be subject to closure or disruption as follows:

Illegal clicking means that you click on the ads yourself or assign someone to do that in both cases, Google will discover this and close your account because you profit through counterfeiting and not in a legal way, and sometimes Google may on its own delete these illegal clicks.

The large number of ads on the site page compared to the content contained within it, meaning that you have many ads within your page on text content that does not exceed 100 words, this is illegal because this will lead to illegal clicks as well.

Posting content that is copied or duplicated from other websites because you are thus violating the copyrights of the other person who owns the content.

Duplicate content even if it is not copied, but as long as you repeat it more than once and the sentences are similar in it, this is copies and you will be more likely to disable your account.

Pornographic or pornographic content, as this content will definitely expose your account to being blocked.

Content that teaches people how to steal or hacks or how to be hacked All these are contents that Google Adsense refuses to deal with.

Bloody content that encourages violence, killing, bombing and trade in arms, drugs, alcohol and other illicit suspicious objects, will expose your account to being closed.

Content that violates property rights even if the article itself is sound, but the images it contains violate property rights, this exposes your account to locking, and in this case it is possible to resort to sites that allow you to use the images on them without rights or use them with the development of their link.

Ads websites will not definitely like Google Adsense because it mainly deals with ads.

The traffic exchange site Google refuses to treat as hitleap

Content that contains videos, movies, or even songs that infringe upon the property rights of others, such as not primarily yours, and is the property of other people.

The content of the indirect software links in the sense that you upload a program to a company and invite people to download it with your own link, this is contrary, as you must in this situation to put the link to the program’s website itself, in order not to expose your account to be disabled, and this point also returns property rights.

Not specifying what sites your ads appear on, in the event that your code is violated and someone seizes it and publishes it in violation sites that do not deal with Google Adsense, this will inevitably lead to the suspension or closure of the account.

Ads prices on Google Adsense

Click ads are priced for a number of reasons:

The country from which visitors to the site come, mostly visitors to foreign countries have a higher price than visitors to Arab countries.

The source the visitor comes from. If the visitor comes from the regular search engines here, the click price will be higher if it comes from different social websites, such as Twitter , Facebook and other social media.

With this detailed explanation, we have provided you with all the details and information related to Google Adsense and how you can benefit from it in profit from the Internet.

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