Beginners guide to profit from YouTube

How to profit from YouTube

Profit from YouTube Have you ever wondered if it is real or not? It may be that this question did not occur to you from the ground as you believe that there is no profit from YouTube in the first place, but let me tell you all the facts in detail regarding this issue, you every day must pass a video and watch you, whether it is on the regular web inside Pages of different websites.

Or on social media, or on YouTube that we’re going to talk about today, and you may like this video and keep watching it and you can repeat seeing it once, two and three without the slightest problem, and you may not like it, so you close it immediately.

But have you ever asked yourself what the video’s owner is benefiting from behind this, why does it provide you with the video’s content and why it strives to photograph it and make a montage for it and it may pay some money to eventually get the video out as you see it in front of you, but simply why all this, it is my dear profit From YouTube !!!!

Profit from YouTube

Yes, when you like his video and you continue to watch it and see the ads that come out for you during the video, it is simply profitable because you watch this video.

You may not know how to make a profit from YouTube, but today we have brought to you in the following report all the details about profit from YouTube and how you can also benefit from this.

How to earn from YouTube

The beginning must have a special YouTube channel through which your visual content to provide high – quality attracts many different segments of society, and established channel need not only calculate a GMAIL , to register and then become a channel ready and you can use whatever you want.

Secondly, you must link your channel to the Google Adwords account for ads, in order to be able to apply to the people in charge of YouTube to enable ads to be displayed on your videos in order to earn from them.

How do I make a successful YouTube channel to profit
To start with, you should know well that the number of subscribers to the channel is not proof that your channel will generate many profits for you every month.

In fact, the majority of those who have a YouTube channel even if they are not using it to promote their content when they watch a video of your channel by pure chance and like it, and then they subscribe within your channel.

After that, it appears to them that you have downloaded many new videos, it will not worry to see what’s inside.

Because the community in which we live is in a mood, you will not be obliged to watch every video you present, if the mood does not come to him to see it, then how can I be a fan base who are attracted to my videos?

You simply have to follow a number of steps to attract many viewers, which ultimately results in profit from YouTube.

Understand the bystander group

Of course, the category concerned with attracting video content differs according to the content of the video itself, meaning that cooking videos will attract women more than men, or football videos will attract men more than women.

So you must know well which type you want to attract, and not only that, but you must know which category of these two types you want to address.

For example, providing content specific to learning a foreign language, this content will benefit young people who are looking for learning more than older men, and this content will suit men and women.

So it is best to address the general category of all ages, because this will attract more spectators, unlike if you are a specialist in providing specific content.

But this does not mean that you will not earn if you create a special content, you can compensate for it in various other ways, including.

Marketing for products

Another way will help you to earn from YouTube, unlike of course, subscribing to ads that will compel you to accumulate at least a thousand viewers to earn one dollar, as this is stressful and will not help you in making a fortune by earning from YouTube.

So you can resort to marketing products, if your channel, for example, is dedicated to providing cooking videos, why not advertise cooking tools for purchase, inside the videos, and if it specializes in providing sports content, why not display ads related to different sports tools.

trade mark

More important than marketing itself is the brand you market to, people always give confidence to well-known and famous brands, so you must consider that the product offered by the owner of a commercial company has a name and a prominent place in the market.

Such as advertisements for well-known cooking oils, and these advertising companies give more to advertise than obscure companies that the advertiser does not know anything about.


Most of the highly popular and highly popular YouTube channels will depend on more than one person. It is difficult to make a profit from the Internet by relying only on yourself.

So you must resort to the participation of one of the skilled professionals in this field, so that all of you through cooperation together will create an amazing creative content that is attractive.

Teamwork is always more creative than individual work, so one person cannot be proficient in photography, montage, and has money to bring in modern and advanced equipment, and also be good at directing, so this is impossible, so you can see yourself in what you create and then use the help of Experienced.

5- Marketing your product

Away from well-known products, if you are running your own business away from YouTube, you can use YouTube to promote your product, and this will bring you many profits.

As people who love seeing your videos often will think that you are a trustworthy person, so you can introduce your products to them and introduce them to them, and by doing this you have made an announcement to increase the popularity of your product, and bring you more profits, without you paying money .

In the end, and a steady rule that you must know in order to definitely win from the Internet and must present creative and interesting content, there are hundreds of channels coming out every day, whether in the Arab world or the foreign world, but attractive content is only who will remain at the top, and the rest will fall to the bottom, So in order to be able to profit from YouTube you must provide content that people are waiting to see.

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