Beginning Guide to Instagram ads

Instagram is one of the best and most famous global applications, and this is undoubtedly thanks to the number of its users that exceeded 700 million users. Instagram is one of the successful deals that Facebook has made and whose value exceeded one billion dollars, exactly in the year 2012 AD, and here we make sure that Facebook knew the value of this unique application, whose value doubles rapidly,

and the number of its users doubles very quickly, and this clearly shows us the amazing Facebook policy of obtaining applications that are distinct, and in this article we have devoted to the way of Instagram ads, we will explain several features about This application, which is one of the most successful networks Social continues and also provides a quick overview of Instagram and the method of advertising in the application on its own platform with an explanation of the most important and influencing factors that we should focus on and also taking a look at the prices of Instagram ads.

Note that the article is long and detailed when you are finished, God willing, you will professionalize everything related to Instagram ads and there is an explanatory video at the end of the article

Instagram at a glance

Instagram is one of the very distinctive applications and one of the most famous social networks at all, and this application is easy to use and with special features and is the exchange and publication of photos, and Instagram is one of the best applications that celebrities may use to put their pictures on it with high quality and also in the latest update There is a feature of direct broadcasting, and Instagram is one of the best applications that international companies and trademark owners choose to advertise on Instagram.

Instagram’s rapid growth:

The social network Instagram was able to grow in a very fast and amazing way, so you can imagine that Instagram was the number of users in 2010 million users and in the year 2017 the number of users of this social network is 700 million at a rate every year that doubles the network 100 million users and here makes most of the investors and pioneers Business and owners of major brands put their full and large confidence in this network and they are advertising in Instagram thanks to the large profit margins and the rapid development of this wonderful application.

How to use Instagram professionally

In fact, we may not find any problems in using the Instagram application except that the network has distinct ways to publicize your content as well and announce it on the Instagram platform and obtain a high rate of access, such as the hashtag status of the content that you published or that you advertise, and Instagram directly puts In your eyes, the number of users for the same hashtag you set and the higher the rate of use for the hashtag, the more access to the content is high and very distinctive and the interest rate for it is high and the interaction rate is very strong so that the number of users who care about the same content, and this is one of the great features On top On Instagram.

Also, consistency in the images and display them in high quality distinguishes your account on this social network in case you have a high rate of access and in Instagram the image is displayed in the same quality not like the parent network and I mean here Facebook who in turn compresses the image and reduces its quality.

This was one of the quick information about this very huge and most used social network on smart devices thanks to its special feature that it provides to its users.

An overview of Instagram ads

Instagram is among the best used social networks of course, and what distinguishes this huge social network is its very rapid and multiplying growth every year in terms of users and also in terms of advertisers on this network as only years ago the number of advertisers in this company did not exceed 200 thousand An advertiser and now the number of advertisers in Instagram ads exceeded a million advertisers, and here the reasons for choosing a lot of people differ in Instagram and the reason may be in the way of advertising on Instagram as it is characterized by ease and high quality and very high access rate, and advertising prices in Instagram Which is less than any Another company and interest in content is better.

Also, the income of Instagram advertisements has become so huge that it has reached almost $ 3 billion, and this in particular represents 10 percent of Facebook’s total revenue, and this shows us greatly the strength of this very distinctive and most used social network of several different categories.

And of course all of these things make Instagram one of the best networks that brands and large companies may announce for several reasons as we saw and explained earlier, and also Instagram is beneficial to you as well so that you can announce it because it is one of the best and best social networks and also Because of the large number of its users, this remains the best option for you, is advertising in Instagram, so that it guarantees your advertisement a high rate of arrival, and we also know that advertising prices in Instagram are unique for every thousand impressions and low as well.

Now we will move to the Instagram feature:

  • Instagram enables anyone to advertise on its network without any problems, and of course this is a good feature for users because it makes in your hands nearly a billion users, and you may ask the question on your mind now: How is the way of Instagram ads? Or advertising prices on Instagram? Yes, they are one of the questions we will answer in the continuation of this article.
  • Another distinguishing feature is that your ad appears on the network like any other post that you have shared, and with the same features, except that it appears for more users who have targeted you according to your classification.
  • And one of the distinctive features of Instagram that you may have noticed in this distinguished social network is the interaction of companies with their users in the comments, the interaction on this network is very terrible and has no limits, and this is really a very strong feature on this global platform and one of The world’s favorite social networks, namely Instagram.
  • One of the features that we can include in our topic today is the targeting provided by the Instagram company so that you can target your audience the way you want it considering that the prices of Instagram ads are not significant and with distinct targeting and a higher rate of access from the parent network Facebook.

Hence, we make sure that Ingram is one of the best networks that can be advertised in the event that we have a personal website or an online store or others so that we get a high rate of access at low prices and the method of advertising in Instagram is not difficult or complicated, it is very easy and we will see that In the continuation of this topic.

Instagram ads and their types

Advertisements for the Instagram social network consist of several types, such as another company, but the platform is available with other and new features:

The first type: It is image ads so that you can choose this type to show your brand or product with targeting you who put its data and as we know that the prices of ads in Instagram per thousand impressions are not high, especially in this type which is the most used in the platform.

The second type : video ads, search You can advertise on the Instagram platform with your own video with distinct targeting and the video appears like any post you share except that access differs of course and the way of advertising in Instagram is very easy

The third type: slideshow ads, we may also find that this feature is emerging in Instagram and in regular posts, but the Instagram platform has also developed the ability for advertisers to place an ad in a manner that displays more images and works automatically in one post or rather in one ad and in a distinctive way Very practical.

The fourth type: circular ads, and this feature is also new in appearance and is created with a larger slide show in the ad.

How to advertise on Instagram

We may not need to explain a lot to the way of advertising in Instagram, except that we will lay out in our topic the most prominent ways of how to advertise on this platform taking into account the prices of advertising in Instagram and of course at the end of this topic you will get all the ideas that you may need in your advertisement on Instagram and in the video as well

  • How do you create an Instagram photo ad?
    Of course, using the Instagram platform is very easy, and like any other platform, the images that you want from your computer or phone are selected and uploaded, and it is desirable or preferable that the pictures are exclusive to you and high quality, then in the second step you choose the clear title or the commercial phrase the marketing text of the product that You will place it in the ad, which the Instagram company provides you with the ability to place 300 characters in that field, and it is highly recommended that you summarize the text to no more than 130 characters so that it appears to everyone without expanding the field by the targets in your ad.

And in case you want to send your followers in this advertisement to your own site or to a link you want, you can put it in the special place “site link” and choose the button you want.

Of course, you may find many other fields in Instagram, but they are not considered important in influencing your advertisement, and the way in which Instagram is announced is clear in this type.

  • As for Instagram ads using the video method , we may not find many differences between them and the image ads, as we did not say that they are similar, but it is worth noting that video ads on Instagram can put the animated image also ‘Jeff’.

And here you can choose the video from your library or via Facebook video, and after that you also have to download a thumbnail for the video and it will appear as an interface in the advertisement for the video, which means we have to take good care of it and then we move to the section of the explanatory words that must We put in it words related to the content of the video, and these are very important and we should not ignore them.

As for the explanatory text, it is placed in the same way as the first type, and it is always preferred that it does not exceed 130 characters and clearly and concisely clarifies and determines the quality of the video and what it talks about.

As we explained earlier, the Instagram platform provides its users with the ability to advertise in a way that explains the presentation and here we will explain the method of advertising in Instagram with a slide show feature.

You can advertise on Instagram with the slide show feature and put about 10 pictures in one ad with a special feature provided by you for the platform, which is putting an audio effect on those slides and they appear and work automatically, and to create this kind of ads in Instagram, as usual we will go To the place to download or display images from the library and then download what we would like to advertise for, and surely the slides must be consistent and harmonious with each other, and there should not be a picture away from another, and this may affect your ad greatly, and then choose a thumbnail.

For advertisement and then you can also put a conversion link for your site or store if you want to For its field, and here you may have finished the advertisement for slideshows, and Instagram prices for this feature are different, but only slightly and the access rate remains high, of course.

Now we will move to the last type, which is the circular announcement in Instagram:

You can advertise on Instagram using the circular advertising method, and here the advertisement can consist of several pictures or several videos, and the way to create them is normal where you download the images or videos that you want and you can put a different text for each image or video with special labels for each slide with the ability to put a link Your site.

How to target in Instagram

Since Instagram has become a subsidiary of Facebook, it is clear that the ads will be distinguished in a way that is targeted, and this is clear thanks to the parent company.

From here we deduce the most important steps and information that we must take into account in our targeting of the public through advertising on Instagram and taking into account the prices of advertising in Instagram, of course.

1 – Target your audience in a unique way so that you choose the age group that is interested in your ad and is likely to interact with the content of your ad.

2- Site targeting, here you need to know well what geographical locations may interact and which are most interested in your product or in general your advertisement.

3- Here, you place accurate features in your ad:

Gender: male or female


  • The language This was one of the most important things that you should consider in the distinct targeting of Instagram ads, and getting a large audience, and as we know that the prices of ads in Instagram are not significant per thousand impressions, so we have to set a special targeting in order to get very good results.

In the other step, after we set the characteristics for targeting, the Instagram platform will identify the potential audience and divide it according to this method:

  • Potential access rate
  • Estimated daily arrival
  • The estimated audience and reach it widely
  • And other criteria for your targeting and advertising options.

However, these numbers are only one of the possible numbers, except, they may be more or less depending on the quality of your Instagram ad, of course, and according to the text that you put.

And in the last step is to choose the subject of the advertisement:

And here we must focus very carefully on this step so that we can, and choose, to use your ad only on Instagram while canceling the tag on Facebook in this way.

And in the second step, the type of devices that Instagram ads will appear on is chosen, and since our ad is on the Instagram platform, it is good to select only mobile devices “phones” so that Instagram is an application that exists overwhelmingly only on mobile devices and from here it is not necessary To hide this point from us and take advantage of our budget as long as we take advantage of advertising prices in Instagram distinctively.

The last step in all these steps that we mentioned and is the break for publishing your ad, of course:

Determine your ad budget and duration

This is also the most important step in all the previous steps so that we will choose the budget and how long it will take to announce with the budget that you set:

Here we must take into account the cost according to our ability and we know very well that the prices of advertising in Instagram are low with a high rate of arrival and of course we must choose from one to two days with consideration that your ad starts at an appropriate time with the content of your advertisement.

Example :

If you advertise for a female product, your ad will likely start from midday hours, so it is possible that female sexuality is present in abundance at this time.

My budget will be 10 dollars and I will divide it by only two or three days in order to take full advantage of the budget and also take advantage of the potential arrival rate of my ad, given that the prices of the advertisement in Instagram per thousand impressions are good.

generally :

Instagram is one of the best companies that we can advertise on first thanks to the prices of Instagram ads that are not significant compared to other companies so that the potential access rate, which may be greater than the parent company itself, and also the Instagram platform is distinguished thanks to the method of advertising in Instagram so that It provides its users with many advantages except that it is the ideal interface that is added to potential customers and makes advertisers closer to customers,

and Instagram features are numerous and this is clear because it is one of the subsidiaries of Facebook and also is one of the distinctive applications that is one of the best social networks In terms of commonly used users and also advertisers and big companies.

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