How to Create an advertising campaign on Facebook

How to Create an advertising campaign on Facebook, We are talking in our lesson today about the second way to make ads on Facebook, which is the traditional one that is used by the majority of Facebook users, but it is not the best. Through the stock, we will choose create ads to make ads on Facebook, which is the main profit method for Facebook. Several options will appear for you to know the goal of the page, from which we choose traffic because all that interests me now is to bring visitors to our site.

Facebook page settings

Facebook Ads
We put a name for the group and define the target group, women or men, age group, location on this same note look deeply on how to Create an advertising campaign on Facebook. We will determine that visitors will go to a site, the most important thing is the audience and location, and choose the countries that you want to reach your store and want to target and the best among them (the United States, Britain, Canada, New Zealand) who speak English If you know German (write your ad in German *), target Germany, for example, and so on. After that we define the age group from 18 – 55 for example, gender – men, language: English … etc

It is important for me to specify the audience that I want to target. For example, my page talks about glasses, so I will target the audience interested in glasses and Facebook will show everything related to the audience interested in all kinds of glasses, as well as show you the number of people interested in each type. Also, I set options for clicks, their price, targeting the audience, everything related to funding and time, and then placing the image for advertising.

Place the link of the product in a showbay and the address must be a sentence with the name of the commodity and the sentence that you will write is attractive and attractive to the public to attract them to your store and also you put an explanation and description of your product so that there will be content, now the advertising has ended and the image will appear under it and the explanatory sentence about the commodity that you offer and in Finally, you click on place order.

Now you can start your advertising campaign and see its results when it ends. This is the end of the day’s lesson, in which we talked about making a regular advertising campaign on Facebook, and we will talk in the next lesson about another way to make ads, which is the preferred method.

Marketing by Facebook post on your page
Today’s lesson will be about marketing via the post on the Facebook page, and the whole process depends on the Facebook page that we designed previously, and I uploaded free pictures from Google and set one as a cover image and the other as a personal picture.

I put several pictures that express my niches and write some words that express the picture. Here, the visitor will notice that this page is interested in glasses, for example, and therefore those interested in this niche will register their admiration for the page, and do not forget to put useful videos for the page.

Now that we have completed and prepared the page, ‘Go now to my Shopify, I want to market for one of the products, for example, I go back to the page and go to write some thing.I put the image I want to market and write a promotional sentence about it in an attractive and eye-catching format, then put my store link on ShowBay then I post the post, and now everyone who likes the image will enter my pictures view store and now we have illustrated the boost post practically. We will start to publish this advertisement in a paid way to show the largest group of people

The image that you have chosen for the page is very important because it will appear in your funded advertisement as well as what you have written in your advertisement.

When the funded advertisement is made, you will see options that control targeting a specific group of audiences interested in what you offer, the most important of which is the age, gender, and location you want to market, for example the United States or Britain Or Turkey or others, what is important is that you choose what suits you. If the merchant who shipped to you on Showbay, for example, has the option of free shipping to the United States, then you will choose the United States as the location to target the marketing of your store.

We are making a save for the choices I made, now I have finished defining my goal, that is, I have specified the target group I want.

Facebook Ads
You will also specify the amount that you will pay for the financing and this will give you a certain number of people or a percentage of people who will see it or will appear to them and also choose the time that you want the advertisement to arrive and be a day for example, and whenever you choose your audience well and define the target group correctly the better for you and in After you finish determining what you want, click Boost, and your ad will be reviewed and published within minutes, to begin appearing to the interested audience, and after the end of your advertising campaign, that is, after 24 hours, Facebook will send you a report explaining to you the number of people who saw the ad, the number of those who liked the registration, who did With posts Ad, and the number of comments. Through the control panel in the Shopify store, you can find out the number of people who visited the store, and thus this lesson on Marketing by Facebook post on your page ended.

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