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We all know that mail marketing is one of the best profitable means in the internet world and it is one of the essentials that is indispensable for any successful investor on the web, where marketing through the mailing list is one of the best profitable plans especially for online merchants and bloggers and other entrepreneurs on This is the Web, as e-mail is the closest means between the seller and the buyer, or between the publisher and the reader.

Email marketing leads to very distinct profits and these profits may exceed thousands of dollars, and there are several types of tools that help us in electronic marketing by creating a mailing list dedicated to this matter, and for this day we have chosen for you in our topic the ConvertKit tool and the reason we choose it is The advantages that it offers to its customers, its new properties, its great and low prices compared to other tools in the same field, which is e-mail marketing.

Disclaimer : Rami Ezzat’s blog got a special offer from Convertkit company, which is that registering through our link gives you 14 days for free, knowing that the company itself does not offer free days .. You can register from here

The first question many of us may ask is: What is ConvertKit? Yes, this is one of the most prominent questions that we may ask in our review, and we will certainly put you many answers about this tool and we will learn about all aspects of it, and also for everyone who watched the course on ” profit course from the mailing list ” and who we used It includes the ConvertKit tool, and for those who have not seen the course, let us have an idea about this very special tool in the field of e-marketing.

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit tool is one of the best tools in the field of e-mail marketing and what distinguishes ConvertKit is ease of work in addition to many other features we will mention in the next article, and you can subscribe to the tool and get its advantages and at an appropriate price and the price is calculated according to the subscribers You will also see the plans that the tool offers you.

How to register in ConvertKit Tool

As we see in the image, this is the interface of the ConvertKit website , and you can access it via this link “ Click here ”, and we have indicated in the image into two sections and this is what we want to mention to it. And from them you learn about its advantages and how to use it for free of course, but not practical, it is only in the form of an experiment and we pointed out the button with one number, and for regular registration and obtaining the service of ConvertKit tool then follow these steps:

We click on Get started as we see in the image and then it will pop up for us:

This window, of course, is the second step for us to register in the ConvertKit tool , so that we will choose here the plan that we want and of course according to our financial capabilities and what are the features that we want with mentioning that each plan here has characteristics that distinguish it from the other, and here the plans differ according to The business capabilities you are looking for and the amount of subscribers so that you can start with the first plan and then you can upgrade according to the subscribers in your mailing list, and you may start from $ 29 per month of course, and here we will show you the difference between each plan offered by the tool is yours :

The first price is $ 29 per month: You can get a mailing list of up to 1,000 people.
The second price is $ 49 per month: you can get a mailing list of up to 3000 subscribers.
The third price, which is $ 79 per month: so that you can get a mailing list of up to 5,000 people.
And the last plan: is the possibility to contact support if the number of subscribers on your list exceeds 5,000 of course.
And here we conclude that the ConvertKit tool provides you with the possibility to start from $ 29 per month against a list of up to 1000 subscribers and whenever the number allocated for each plan exceeds the payment is requested from the site directly and in fact this is a special feature of ConvertKit only.

After choosing the plan you want and clicking Get started, we will move to the third page, which is in front of you, and in the traditional way we will fill in the first two fields, we must put in our email and the second we will specify the password we want and click on the sign to agree to the terms and ConvertKit laws .

This is the last step, of course, on us here. Fill out our bank account information in order to start using the plan for ConvertKit site , and directly with the implementation of these steps and purchase we will move to our control panel with really great features.

How can I use the ConvertKit tool ?

In fact, we may not find any difficulties in using the ConvertKit tool , as the platform was designed with a distinct and easy to use control tool and is directed more to bloggers and youtuber, and also this tool provides you with several templates and you can customize them according to the addresses with the ability to add images, In fact, what makes this tool unique is the ease of use, as the platform you own is ordinary and traditional, and you can use it easily with the ability to split targeting, write multiple newsletters and automatic publishing.

Note: You can visit the profit course from the mailing list on YouTube from here, in which we explained the tool in detail

ConvertKit tool provides users with great advantages, perhaps the most important feature is the division of subscribers by targeting with special keywords provided to you by the platform and you can create it easily .

ConvertKit tool features :

One of the most important advantages offered by ConvertKit tool is the ease of use and handling of the platform.
The ability to divide the subscribers in the list according to the targeting you set. The tool provides you with up to four templates for the target page at the beginning of the platform.
Paying according to the subscribers in your mailing list, and as we saw above, the special value for each month is based on the number of subscribers on your list for nothing other than this, and at premium prices compared to other companies specialized in the same field.

This was one of the most important points that we should point out, which is characterized by the ConvertKit tool, and it is considered one of the best options that you can use in the field of e-marketing, and this is what the tool provides you with advantages with ease of use and work, and as we have seen, the prices are completely logical Compared to the properties we get.

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