digital travel and its success story

“Digital travelers” The term sounds a little strange, but it is a hoped-for development of the usual job form that we have always been accustomed to.

With this description, you are only a wandering tourist in faraway countries in your hand your personal computer, and on your back a small bag containing your essentials appears, in one of the cafes that one day You never set foot, sitting enjoying a beautiful winter sun, slowly approaching your computer and gently organizing your agenda that you are expected to practice, it is the freedom and launch that everyone aspires to.

“Digital Travelers” is not a functional term at all; it is an integrated lifestyle and is now available for many to experience thanks to the new trend to teleworking , which has greatly enhanced the balance between the concept of work and the concept of luxury.

It is no longer so complicated, only a computer, Wi-Fi, and some social networks, can make you a digital traveler arriving and touring in all places without being surrounded by a requirement to come to a workplace or the like, freedom is now in your hands, complete control In times of work, vacations at the time you like, no manager stands up for you and tracks your mistakes. You are the master of your decisions, to you your full profit returns without being absorbed by the sinks of the main treasures in companies.

What is a digital traveler?

“Digital traveler” is a new global term that corresponds to it in Arabic “independent” and it is the person who chose to work remotely not only as an option to work but as an option for life as a whole, in the hope of earning a living, and running after his big dreams of freedom, gain, and impressive success.


It is not an inevitable condition that must be done, but the conditions of remote work are what prepare you for this or not, one of them can remain in place without movement, and another can roam in his country between internal provinces, and another can roam the whole world, all of these options can To be a digital traveler, no conditions here, only freedom here


The working day is 8 hours a day, it is the remnants of a traditional old idea that is currently starting to evacuate and disappear, especially within the framework of the major leading companies, which have become sensitive to the need of their employees to enjoy their work until they devise what would contribute to the growth and leadership of these companies, hence many of Companies have their own systems for job time management, so employees have available many optional hours that they can spend in their homes while they are working, and in return, they reduce working hours in companies, which allows flexibility and spaciousness that will positively reflect on the last product issued by these employees and those institutions.

With technology, work has changed radically
Thanks to technological innovation in the past twenty years, a laptop and cloud space provide us with all the tools we need to work better while ensuring collaboration and remote interaction with others.

Technology has made this work possible thanks to the fast communication tools that enable its users to easily receive and send data and services.

Digital travelers as an integrated lifestyle

And according to travel-loving Martina Russo, when she talks about her lifestyle as a digital traveler, the question she needs to start a self-employment career is not “how to become a digital champion,” but rather:

What am I good at? What do I like to do? What do people need ?!

Is that the thing that they need can be transmitted over the Internet ?!

All of these questions help you a lot in preparing you for the next step in preparing you for the successful path to where you wish from the situation and dreams, there are no specific skills you need to be a digital or independent traveler. You just need to be good at what you do and be able to sell your services online.

The actual transition to digital traveler mode requires in this context only three things:

A source for your business and tasks that you can do, such as a free services site or similar, such as AB and Rock or Pfeiffer .
A laptop and good internet connection can take you anywhere.
A strong understanding of personal finance and profit management in order to live within the limits of the available means.
Through these previous elements, Martina managed to maintain an independent lifestyle or a digital traveler, which eventually led her to be her home in Milan, Italy, while she easily spends entire months in the Galapagos Islands, Cambodia, Ecuador and other parts of the world.

According to her statement, Martina never planned to be like this, but her translation work instructed her to leave her work for other people, and to launch in the Internet spaces a practice of her remote work and directly harvesting those profits that were lost on her in her previous work.

The success stretches of Martina did not stop there. Rather, it went – through its profits from translation – to the establishment of an online store called “Freelancer at Work”, where it sells everything related to modern technology, such as phones, computers, and so on.

Your acceptance of the social environment

At first, the social circle of Martina did not accept the idea that she works online in translation and generates profits through her daily session in a seat in front of her computer. They always thought it was just an idea to escape from work and spend fun times in front of movies and other entertainment, but in the end it surprised them Through her confident steps on the ladder of success, where she was their last shock when they learned about her online store and new investments, and what happened to her material side from the extreme development forward.

In a way, Martina succeeded in writing her experience comfortably, considering that teleworking is an integral pattern for her life, in which she embraces her work of love and in an unconventional way, what her people have prepared and paved for her this unparalleled success.

Jobs you do not expect
Perhaps the most important services that can be transmitted over the Internet such as writing, translation, design and graphics are the most widespread and interesting things, but what you do not know is that there are a lot of services and new jobs that are beginning to emerge, and they are fully dependent on the Internet as a means of interacting and exchanging products.

According to Martina, she indicates that she was surprised by online jobs that you would never have expected, such as fitness trainers who have become sites dedicated to working with their clients remotely, as well as psychologists, as well as general assistants, all of whom have the potential in line their efforts on the Internet On the patch of life; all this from a distance. Follow more functions and suggestions in this article.

Most countries whose inhabitants adopt the idea of digital travelers
According to a list of freelancers across the world, and their documented database online, the world’s top five telecommuting cities are:

But the world is a much larger and more welcoming place, and every city has its own accounts, and Martina is so inspiring that it provides everyone who reads it with an opportunity to think about changing his lifestyle into a digital traveler roaming around.

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