Earn by answering questions in Quora

Earn from Quora by answering questions.

Quora’s method of answering questions is the latest distinctive method of profit, especially for some groups that I restrict to content creators and bloggers so that this platform is one of the important treasures to enrich your knowledge level on the one hand and success on the other hand in your online business.

Many people spend most of their time on social media without a goal. In fact, the Quora community is one of the best options for investing your time and also the ability to profit from the Internet by answering questions and several ways not to mention advancing your ideas and that you yourself have obtained many answers in Several areas are detailed and clear.

About Quora:

The Quora online community was built in 2009 by American citizens specializing in the computer world, Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Shaffer. The website was officially launched in 2010 AD, and the main idea of the site is to build a specialized community to upgrade the knowledge level, So that any Quora subscriber can ask a question and also answer other members ’questions.

The most prominent users of Kora from the United States of America and India, as the two countries account for more than 50 percent of the users of Kora. The Kura community includes prominent personalities in many areas, and this shows the quality of the site and the level of interest in it, so that on this platform you will be able to enrich your cultural level.

The Cora community is also considered one of the best methods for earning from the Internet from answering questions so that this method is considered modern and best for many, especially the pioneers of the information network and content creators, specifically new ones in a simple way that we will see it. The Cura community is based on several international algorithms, especially those related to evaluation, research method, and taxonomy.

The Cora community was well received by many companies and received many investments, which made it one of the competitive sites and also the best choice for those interested in the field of profit from the Internet from answering questions.

How to join the Quora community and register your membership in it:

Before you start to profit from the Internet from answering questions, one of the first steps is to register in the community of Cora so that we will see the most important steps that we will take in order to register our subscription and in detail, as we are used to on the Rami Ezzat Blog .

One of the first steps is to go to the site from this link, “ click here ”, and then an interface will pop up for us as follows, shown in the image below:

One of the distinctive things about the Cura community is that it provides us with the ability to register via the Google Plus or Facebook communication sites, and with one click of a button we will have an account above this platform. And after we register on this platform by choosing the means that we want, of course, in the entry, another window will pop up for us as shown in the picture:

And this interface is very important in the Kura community, it is very important that we choose several areas we are well versed in. The community puts in your hands several fields, from science and technology to many branches, and you can also choose all or some of the fields, so there is no limit or standard in This matter .

And each person and his knowledge, of course, and also we should point out to the followers of this blog that there are areas for selling and working on the Internet and profit from them online. Of course, you will find many pioneers in this field discussing this specialty and you can benefit from them. Thanks to their experiences and experiences.

And after we have chosen the areas that we want to follow and discuss in it, we will press on Complete to also give us another interface, as shown in the picture:

This page is also important for you to be a distinguished account in this community and document your page more in order to get your followers on the same platform, and in this interface we will put the things we master, hobbies and other things that you can benefit others.

Immediately after that, we will click on complete, in order to move to another interface in the process of completing our profile on the Cura platform and using it to profit from the Internet from answering the questions, as we see in the image shown below:

This window is also yours and you will put in it the languages you are fluent in and that you can discuss in it. It is worth noting that the Cura platform supports English and Spanish, but you can also participate in Arabic content, but the number of its followers may not be like foreign content, especially in English and We also mentioned that more than 50 percent of Cora users are from the United States of America and India, both of whom are highly dependent on the English language.

This was your last step in registering and completing your file on the Cura platform, and immediately after clicking on complete, the main interface and your on the platform will pop up for you in the manner shown in the image:

With it we have completed our profile on this platform and it has become possible to participate and of course on our blog we will see the best ways to invest our membership on Cora.

How do we benefit from the Cura platform and can profit from answering the questions?

This is the most prominent question of course in this article and we will definitely explain the most important methods that make your answer to the questions on the Cura platform an investment that will benefit and also benefit from it.

If we notice that the platform has introduced the feature of the sub blog on its site almost in the year 2013 AD, and this feature has now become very revolutionary and for several reasons, perhaps the most prominent of which is that the Cura platform does not put pressure on customers and its laws are very distinctive and have no difficulty before we explain more will We know how to create a blog on this platform, and then we will learn how to benefit from it, of course.

How to create a blog on the Cura platform:

These are the first steps as we see in the previous image, as we will go to the main page of the platform after registering our membership and as we saw above and then we will click on “blogs” any blog and directly we will move to another page on this form shown to us in the picture Below:

From here we can create our own blog and it will be among the plans that will enable us to profit from the Internet by answering questions, of course we will click on creating a blog as we see in the picture, and then another interface will emerge for us with the blog information that We will create it and we will fill it according to the shape shown in the image below:

Like any other blog, we will put the name of the blog that we will create on the Cura platform and also put the email address, which will be a sub from the platform itself, and then we will put the details of the blog that we are about to build on the platform, and it is worth noting that there are some The points to point out:

Arabic content may not help you very much, on this platform, but it does not mean that you cannot create a blog on Cora and start implementing the profit plan from the Internet by answering the questions, but it is only preferable that the content be foreign in order to get a high traffic.
If you create a blog that does not need to be copied and pasted, it will affect your blog on Cora and may result in your account being suspended.
You must of course organize your posts on the blog, in order to gain more followers.

The more you answer and participate on the platform, the more you will gain readers for your blog and an audience that follows you.
These were some of the important points that we should point out, and after clicking on Create Blog, another page will pop up for us as shown in this picture:

And from here you can start posting topics on the sub-blog of the Cura platform and in case you click on the beginning of writing, you will go to a page that is normal for any creator or any writer of course and it is as follows and shown in the picture.

This is the page for the Cura platform, and you can write on it in the usual way, the title and the article, then publish it with tools provided by the platform to help you write.

So how do we take advantage of this platform and can profit from the Internet by answering questions?

Here is the plan, dear follower, after you got membership in Quora platform, you became in a site that includes nearly 200 million users with prominent personalities and masters in its fields, so after you set the membership the first thing is to create a blog and write your own topics on the blog you created On the Kura platform, while you will start participating by answering the questions that users are asking.

And it is worth noting that the blog will be clear to any user who accesses your page, and at the same time whenever your answer on any topic is distinctive whenever you gain the confidence of many followers of your topics and therefore will put referral links either within the answer or in your blog on the platform And that refers to your blog or YouTube channel, and you gain traffic from a distinguished site and real readers or viewers from the site.

For example: If 100 people enter your answer or blog on the Cura platform, then it is certain that no less than 50 percent of people will click on your referral link and from it you have benefited and at the same time got a distinctive traffic and followers interested in the field that Discuss it and this is one of the great features of the international platform Cora.

This is one of the best ways that you can profit from the Internet by answering questions and at the same time you benefit from this site and get answers to several topics that you need answers from.

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