How to become a expert in YouTube?

How to become a expert in YouTube

Profiting from YouTube is a term that you may meet a lot, but your mind and thinking refuse to believe it, due to the unjustified policy of denial that exists within the Arab world, where you find many people who are not familiar with the technological field basically refuse and categorically deny the existence of profit through the Internet and not profit From YouTube only, they refuse to have a profit from the computer screen in general, as soon as their mind cannot understand or understand this, you find them rushing to deny it.

But the truth is that there is a profit from computer screens that you deny that, there is a profit from the Internet in general, and there is a profit from YouTube in particular because we are going to talk about it today, and it is not a profit that comes to you on a plate of gold in the sense that you will earn without being tired or tired, but it A project like any commercial project that takes place in life, has a potential for profit and loss and needs capital for implementation as well as constructive ideas and ongoing efforts to remain prevalent within this electronic market and today in the next report with us is a comprehensive overview of how to profit from YouTube and how to be a successful Youtuber.

How do you earn from YouTube?

In the beginning and before you start your YouTube career, you must prepare a gmail account , go to YouTube and create a channel. The method is not difficult. Once you subscribe, register and confirm the number, you will have a channel in which you can attach any videos in a smooth and simple way.

Steps to profit from YouTube

1- Be realistic

You now have a YouTube channel, well that’s a good thing, what do you want now? It’s simple, I just want to make a profit through YouTube, well what will you do? This question you should ask yourself: What will you offer the spectator to be attracted to watching the video that you are making, so you must be realistic and reflect on what? What can I offer viewers, what will make them attract to me? What do I excel to be able to succeed in creating a successful YouTube channel? If you find the answer to all of these questions, then you are eligible to take the first profit steps in the YouTube field.

2- Patience until success comes to you

After you have determined what you want to present inside your YouTube channel, you should be patient, success does not come from day to night, but rather you must be patient and then patience, because at first it may be somewhat complicated as you will attach many videos inside your channel It does not mean that the views will come to you overnight, however valuable the content you submit your channel still needs some fame in order to attract more spectators

Because you are inside a market that is not easy, especially with the presence of thousands of YouTube channels that are born daily, so try not to give in from the beginning because the topic needs to be patient, and unfortunately there are a lot of Arab youth who do not have a long mind, so you find them create more than wonderful constructive ideas for YouTube channels It is likely to be successful, but as long as it has passed for two or three months without any profits you find his resolve has fallen to rock bottom, he lost confidence in himself and left the channel and left this field

Believing that he has failed, it does not dear, it needs perseverance, you may need four, five months or even a whole year to start making real profits so try to make your soul long to be able to succeed in this field, and do not make profit from YouTube is the first concern for you In the beginning, because in reality, in the beginning, you will not achieve any profits, profits will only come to you after perseverance, effort, and fatigue.

3- The equipment is useless without content

If you think that the latest cameras and microphones that you bring to operate your own channel are the ones that will bring you profit, then you should know that you are also looking at the issue from a wrong perspective because it is simply not the equipment that qualifies you for profit from YouTube, but the story is what qualifies you for that. The story and the significance What you will offer is the one who will give you success or not.

It is true that the equipment and devices will make you provide professional content in a professional manner and in high quality, but this does not mean that it is sufficient on its own, but the story that you provide is the basis and then you will still have to provide it professionally to attract readers to it, as good story and advanced equipment are factors that help you in creating successful YouTube content.

4- Implementation, ideas and maintaining the schedule

After you have submitted successful content that attracted some to you do not think that it ends at this point, you have not finished yet, the brilliance needs more persistence so you should think about making everything new on your channel make your ideas always fertile to bring more wonderful ideas that you can Implementing it on your channel, constructive new ideas create new, wonderful content that makes viewers always attracted to the channel, and the good implementation of these ideas makes you a successful YouTube user, so try to set yourself a period of time to achieve your ideas,

For example: Make a daily video for yourself in the first months of creating the channel, and after you attract a good number you can reduce the number to three videos per week, but you must adhere to this schedule, for example, you do not come in a week that puts three videos and in another week you do not put anything , This is wrong and it makes people get away from following your channel so I set a schedule for you and stick to it, put two to three videos per week, and try to make these videos contain good content that is not worn out and executed in a great way.

5- Maintaining the accumulation of good ideas

Every video that you place on your channel must be stand alone, do not put a good video and the other is that because if someone had entered your channel or saw it by chance while flipping inside YouTube and the opinion of the bad video that you think is just a filling to fill the channel with the videos, this will make this viewer rule On your channel it is bad so it will depart from it without return, because it does not matter how much video you place, but what matters to him who saw it in front of him, and if the content you put is bad, he will not pay attention to the rest,

But if the content is good, this viewer will make it quick to subscribe to the channel and follow your channel, so stay away from stuffing your channel with worthless videos, and try to keep renewing your video ideas constantly to avoid duplicate videos even if the way to shoot them varies, so long as they are duplicated, This makes it good as the viewers are always looking for everything new and good at the same time so try to offer them that.

6- Put yourself in the shoes

Do not look at what you offer inside the channel with the owner’s eye, but you should look at what you offer with the viewer’s eye because then the vision that you will set for yourself will be clearer and more general, people do not try to see themselves wrong, and you also when you submit a video to yourself you will see that it is good no matter what It is presented in it, and this is mainly due to the idea of the ego that many people enjoy, which makes them always see themselves as right and not wrong.

And you can overcome that by putting yourself in the viewer’s place, to see what attracts him to the videos, is the long or short video, you yourself if you were chosen between two videos that discuss the same idea, one of them is written that its duration is about 5 minutes and the other is shown that its duration is about 15 minutes to any of them You’ll be attracted, I think the answer will be to the short 5-minute video, because it’s short and done

However, it is not unlikely that the viewer will resort to the 15-minute video, but he will choose the short video at the beginning and if he does not find what is useful in the short, he will resort to the big one, but his initial choice will be for the short, so you try to measure this and understand how the viewer thought that He likes to see what kind of works you offer, what attracts him to you, be his mind, his thoughts and his eyes and create content for him that he enjoys.

7- Building an audience and knowing how to deal with haters

The field is never easy if you think that there are many people who will hate you, so you must have an audience to defend you in the event that something happens, there are people who love to belittle others, for example you find someone who presses the dislike button and provides a bad comment even Although he did not complete watching your video.

There are people who love this just for fun and its opinion can be totally unimportant, so try not to be affected by your resolve with such frustrated people, and make your good audience defend you and always look at their positive comments and take support from them, despite all that on the other side You must look at constructive criticism and try to take it into consideration and study it well and know what it can change to be more successful in this area.

8- Do not rely on advertising as a basic profit from YouTube

Everyone depends on the profit from YouTube on the ads, as it prepares the days and hours during which its channel will cross the 10,000 watch barrier so that it can attach ads for Google Adsense to its channel, and we do not deny that this can bring you profit, but it is not a big profit, as it is really the main way that Everyone turns to it for profit from YouTube.

But it is not the only way, there are other ways that you can profit from, such as advertising for other people’s brands or even your own, so I always search for advertisers that provide you with a good profitable future that depends on it later, and do not rely on Google Adsense as the primary source of profit Palin Pric you.

In the end, you should know that you are in this market, you are not the only one, there are millions of others, but what will motivate you to succeed is to distinguish them from them by listing more than excellent content, and not only good, because good content exists in thousands, but excellent excellent content is what will make you shine inside this The online marketplace and make you attract thousands, even millions, to you gradually, and these tips were provided by us to you to know how to become a YouTube user to be able to profit from

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