How to connect a shopify store to a domain

Buy a domain to link the Shopify Store to the domain

Buying a domain in the last lesson We bought a domain from namecheap, and today’s lesson talks about linking a Shopify domain to a domain, in this lesson we will link a domain name to a Shopify store in order to enhance confidence between you and the visitor because the visitor to your store if you do not have a domain will feel that you have nothing to offer or that What you offer is not good enough, so he will never buy from you. How are we going to link the domain to the store ?! .

We first go to the control panel at Shopify and choose a domain and then add existing domain, then we copy the domain name and put it on the store and then add domain and then it will appear on the store that the domain will take 24 hours to be modified we take the number that will appear to us and go to our domain on namecheap and press Manage it and go to Advanced dns. We’ll go to the first option and put the @ in the value field. We print the number that we previously took from ShowBay. And we specify the lowest possible period of 5 minutes here, the second option within which we will write your extension .com for example and the name of my site (the domain of my showbay) and also specify the least time. We save modifications.
After this step, you will wait a little 10 minutes, more or less, and sometimes your domain will be transferred successfully. Then when you open your domain, the Shopify will automatically open, and so we have linked the domain to a professional store.

I waited here for just a minute, and I tried to open my domain and immediately opened the Shopify store, and here we will notice that the entry is password protected because I have not yet subscribed to the paid plan and have not activated it through my visa card. With this, we will have completed today’s lesson from the Chopify course for professionals from A to Z, which was entitled (linking the shop of Chopify to the domain).

Buy a domain from namecheap


I explained this lesson (buying a domain from namecheap ) in this course in order to buy a domain to link to a Shopify store, and it is worth noting that this lesson works for anyone who wants to buy a domain and added it to any other hosting site and I have previously explained the most preferred site for buying a domain named and when Login to we click on sign up to create an account to register on the site until you have an account on Enter your e-mail and your password and fill in your details. The site will accept the data and send a welcome message to you on your e-mail.
You are now registered with the site, you will first go to domain registration until you register a domain with them and write the name of the domain you prefer, at first you should see the price list and the prices here are cheap and the prices are good. Initially you will make a year subscription, and I advise you to buy the domain from the first three domains (.com, .net, .org) and most likely it will be .com, which is the popular extension that people know.

We will now learn how to buy a domain. The domain name depends? You choose the domain name based on your own niche. For example, I am here for my niche, for example, the necklace I will write in the search ilove necklace will show me several options for the proposed names for the domain and it will end with (.com, .net, .org) and my advice for you is to choose the name ending in .com, now that I have chosen the name I will buy and I will determine the duration One year after that we press confirm order and we will go from it for setup and it is just a supplement to the required data such as name, phone and so on, then the billing step I will choose the method of payment by Paypal.

Then we go to the bottom of the page and click continue to complete the purchase. Here you will find the order details that I have previously chosen. I will definitely check via pay out pal. This will enter me to the Paypal home page. To complete the payment process, log in and pay and buy the domain. As you previously advised, buy a domain whose ending is .com because it is the best, to obtain the trust of the visitor. This is how the domain purchase ended, and this is how the day ended (buying a domain from namecheap ). And we will learn in the next lesson, God willing, how to place the domain to host a showbuy and link to a shop at shop.

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