How to create an Hostgator hosting account

First, what is HostGator ?

HostGator HostGator is one of the best and most powerful global Alastdavat as to provide HostGator company very special offers in the field of hosting, and you may also find the majority of Arab distributors (distributors Alastdavat) working with this global company and hosting their own exist on this platform the company, this For reasons that are mostly due to the price offered by Host Gateway Company for Hosting and considered very low compared to other hosting companies, and it is not surprising if you find the most famous international companies working with this hosting, this is due to the terrible advantages that this company really offers, and you can know that the largest percentage From distributors They work to host HostGator and major sites as well as the most famous in the world.

The best thing about Host Gator

One of the most important features of this company is the low prices and you may also know, dear reader, that hosting WordPress, which is well-known, is originally from hosting the host company, and also the latter provides several services and very distinctive plans, as follows:

Web hosting capabilities (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, etc.) are popular hosts.
Get virtual servers.
Host Gator also offers access to a Reseller hosting.
The possibility of obtaining cloud hosting such as (Drum Box or Google Driver and …) and other such well-known cloud hosting.
And the possibility of obtaining shared hosting.
These are some of the features and plans offered by Host Gateway hosting , and this company not only stands here, but also offers its customers the ability to get unlimited hosting and transfer unlimited data, with the ability to transfer a site to Host Gateway free of charge and quite easily.

Additionally Hostgator Provided Free SSL Certificates! Yes, 100% free for all customers, and it is a very important certificate for your customers and for you as well, and it plays an important role in helping you to secure your site, reassure visitors and improve your search rankings on google.

Therefore, Host Gateway is one of the favorite companies for a lot, because it provides you with great security and in very large proportions, as your site that is located on hosting Gateway host will never stop with the easy-to-use C panel control panel.

The gifts that Host Gator offers you, such as (coupons that may exceed $ 100, also hosting Host Gateway enables you to install scripts very easily and at great speed and with one click, and one of the most important additional features provided by the company, technical support for Host Gator (considered free) )

Now that you know Host Gateway and learn about the advantages that it offers to all of its customers, I will move on to the second step in the explanation, which is the way to register in hosting Gateway.

Explanation of the method of registration in hosting host Gitor
After all these advantages that Host Gateway offers, it is definitely the leading company in its field and is one of the most prominent options that will suit you in obtaining hosting at the best prices and profit from them, so I will now offer you the complete guide to the steps of registration in hosting Gateway hosting with pictures and explanation so that you can get from them on The most powerful features.

You can register from this link:

Disclaimer: This link is availite, that is, I get a commission from the company when you subscribe, but you do not pay any additional cost on that, and I know that I advise you on this hosting for its great value in online work that I told you about at the top, and not for the simple commission that I get.

Here are the steps.

1 – The first step in registering for host gator host

In the first step, you must enter to hosting Host Gateway from here in order to be directed to the paid host Gator plans of course, and on the hosting site you may always find discounts as I said before, and this is what distinguishes Host Gateway from other companies specialized in the field of hosting.

2 – Step 2: Define host gateway hosting plans

After moving to this page now, we will choose the plan that suits us and Host Gateway company puts several plans for the clients as well as different features, and below is an explanation of each plan separately, the features that you offer to be more aware of it and of course to help you to know what is the plan that suits your project:

Hatchling’s first plan :

In this plan provided by HostHostor hosting, you will get a discount of up to 43% with one domain, and one-click installation with the benefit of hosting.
And the value of this plan starts at approximately $ 4 a month .

Baby’s second plan:

And in this plan, Host Gateway will provide you with a reduction of up to 40%, and you also get unlimited domains, one-click installation and benefit from hosting. The value of this plan starts at approximately $ 6 per month, and in fact this is a very special price with all of these advantages provided by HostGetor.

Business Three Plan:

This is the best plan for many, because Host Gateway offers you a 60% discount and unlimited domains, and also with a one-click installation feature and benefit from hosting with access to the hosting rights that you own, and this is very important for companies and Distributors.
Another feature that Host Gateway offers to customers is to get phone service over internet protocols for free.
This plan can be obtained from Host Gator with a starting value of approximately $ 6 per month.
Disclaimer: HostJetor, the leading hosting company, is constantly changing its offers and getting great discounts and offers with every period.

3- The third step is to choose a domain for hosting host gateway

After we have chosen the plan that suits us to host Host Gateway, now we will move to the next step, which is for the domain, and here, Host Gateway offers us two options:

The first: It is the possibility to buy a domain from the same hosting and at very special prices provided by Host Gateway, which makes it impossible to buy the domain from other companies or competing hosts, as we get the domain we want with all the ends that we are looking for from com. , … etc. from the domains and registration with them is easy and the site provides you with whether the domain is available or not available very quickly and very easily.

The second: is to keep your domain or buy it from other sites related to this matter and enter it in its own field as we see in the picture with the possibility of buying other domains other than the domain that you own, and in the case of not accepting the domain, delete .www and make it as in The image to show it is correct green.

Note: In the event that you entered your current domain which is directed to another website or blog then do not worry about your entering it in that field, as this will not lead to the site overlapping or not appearing, it is only a way to define your domain and then you can transfer or transfer it Or buy another domain with ease.

4- The fourth step is to confirm the basic information of the Host Gator plan

In this step, we will choose the type of plan again or confirm it from the drop-down list ( 1 ). As mentioned above, Host Gateway provides us with three types of plans and we choose what suits us, and of course in this step we have to confirm any plan we want from The list, and below the list

( 1 ) we find the drop – down list that we referred to in the picture with number (2) , where here we choose the period that we will get from hosting and each period and its value with important discounts offered to you by hosting Host Gateway and whenever it takes a period The bigger the more you get a better sure upgrade, as for the next field we put our name and this name S. And the name of the hosting that we have taken is “ username In the last box, we set a password that does not exceed 8 characters and we should not forget it because we will need it later, and so we have confirmed the information about the plan that suits us and that is hosting Host Gator .

5- Fifth Step: Entering our personal information in hosting host gateway

And of course, after we have skipped all the previous steps, we move to a very important step in registering our hosting on HostGate so that here we register our personal information as we see in the image of course and no field should be left blank, and each box we fill in with correct information and then we will choose Payment method, HostGetor hosting accepts payment via Paypal directly or by entering MasterCard information and payment through it, and here hosting facilitates the payment to customers completely payment method as many users are always looking for payment method by PayPal because it is the easiest and faster, and as we see the company Host Jet T support this property and provides its customers with the possibility of payment of them.

Note: The e-mail you will enter there will receive a C Panel information after purchasing the hosting.

6- The sixth step is the possibility of obtaining other advantages in hosting Host Gateway

In this step, Host Gateway hosting provides you with the ability to choose other features in hosting it, but knowing that each feature puts the mark on it as we see in the picture, it is calculated for you and its value is added of course, and in case you do not want any of these three features you can Canceling the mark on it in order not to be calculated by you and buying it without using it, so you should focus on the steps that we explain to you on the Rami Ezzat Blog in detail.

7- The last step: obtaining host hosting Gateway

This is the last step we will take to obtain hosting and host hosting Gateway , so that we will be informed on Box No. 1, which is related to the conditions of hosting, and then we will review quickly what we have done in the previous steps and we click on the confirmation option and Register for host gator host.

Immediately after that, we will receive a message on our e-mail, which we put in hosting Host Gateway and we have registered from it. :

The C-Panel hosting link: http: //

C-Panel Password: 5855654

With the personal name that we put in the hosting, of course.

And directly click on the link and direct us to a page like this:

And here we enter the username and password in the board, and directly, we will enter the C panel for hosting the Gateway host, and then we install the features that we want easily, and here we were able to register in the host Gateway host.

Now we will move to the method of installing WordPress from the hosting control panel and how to build a WordPress site
We are all looking to build a professional website and at the same time the construction should be in steps that are not difficult, and therefore in this section we will see a way to build a professional and strong and distinctive site from scratch and in full stages and in detail, and the tools that we will use are hosting Host Gateway Just as we are in the same hosting, we will install the WordPress content management system, which is well known, as it is considered one of the most powerful systems in the fields of content management and websites thanks to its features and features.

Word Press at a glance:
WordPress is simply, and as mentioned above, it is a system for managing electronic content in an open source, and its language is based on HP and MySQL databases , and was the first version of WordPress announced in 2003, and the platform began to develop significantly and provide users with revolutionary features in The field of electronic content management.

WordPress provides you with a special platform for work, in other words, it provides you with a professional and easy-to-use board and use, just what you have to do is upload your template and start creating and maintaining your site professionally and publish it with ease, with unlimited additions provided by you WordPress.

Certainly, the system is very impressive because it provides features that support content creators, for example, SEO plugins and other plugins that help bloggers write articles compatible with search systems, and for this we decided to create a site with you from scratch by using the WordPress content management system and using HostGator hosting Of course, we will be installing WordPress on hosting the Gateway host.

Build your site from scratch. “Install WordPress on HostGate “:
Beautiful, now that you have host hosting Gateway, we will move to the C-Panel for the same company that you provide to us, as we see in the picture, and the C-Panel board information you will find in the e-mail with which you registered with the Host Gateway Company.

The first step :

This is the interface for the C-Panel, and the information will be found in the email in which we registered with the hosting and the message will be like this.

And in this message, you will find your hosting information and exactly the information about the C-Panel, which we will need in order to install WordPress on the hosting.

The second step :
After we log in to the control panel, which in turn is provided to us by hosting Host Gateway , the board is very easy to operate and does not need any experience as we see in the picture, everything we are looking for is in this board and all global systems from A to Z and here I mean management systems Content, for example, Jumla, Wibli, and other such systems, all of which are on this board, you can use and install with just one click.

And this is simply our interface, and this is the control panel that Host Gator provides us with . Of course, the panel is professional, easy to operate, and well known.

The third step :
In this step, we will search for a tool called quickinstall, in which we will be able to install the content management system with just one click of a button, we put the tool name in the place of the search and it will appear to us as we see in the image.

And as you can see after we wrote the quickinstall tool, the tool appeared as we indicated to you in the picture, and we will click on it to go to another page.

The fourth step :
We will click on the tool and a window will pop up for us, as shown in the picture:

As shown in the image, we will click on the option for WordPress electronic content management system, and then another window will pop up for us, which is very important as we see in the image.

This interface is very important and in the picture we indicated the number ( 1 ) for your domain that you registered on hosting, and the domain you will choose there is the same domain that will be directed to your site on WordPress, which you will manage and create content on.

As for the second field, which we referred to with the number ( 2 ), it is if you want to make the domain domain a sub-example, “Blog” or others, but it is good to leave the main domain better and this is what is recommended, and then immediately click on complete.

Step Five:
This step is also important and is the last step that you will take to install WordPress on hosting and link it with the domain you have chosen and we will explain the fields in the image.

The field indicated by the number ( 1 ) : We will put the name of the blog, i.e. the title of the blog, and you can change it in the future as it is not a constant and you can change it directly from WordPress.
The field indicated by the number ( 2 ): We will put the addictive name there and it is not recommended to put in it ‘admin’. It is preferable to put in it either your own name or any other name, and this will be the name that you will enter into the WordPress platform.
Field indicated ( 3 ): Your first name.
Field indicated by number ( 4 ): Your second name, “family”.
Field indicated ( 5 ): You will place your e-mail in it.

After we have filled out our information correctly, we will click directly on Install, as indicated in the image above.

Sixth step:
If you have reached this step, congratulations to you, because you have now installed the hosting and achieved more than half of your site’s creation. You will receive information about accessing the email as shown in the picture.

And this is the information that you will need to enter the platform so that you will click on the link to manage your site as it was sent to you and enter the name of the manager and the password that was sent to you on this page.

Now we will move on to how to maintain our site on the WordPress platform:
After installing WordPress content management system on hosting Gateway host , we will now move on to other steps which are how we maintain our site and how we raise the template and start creating content and filling the site.

This is the interface of the platform after we entered it:

Now this is our platform, and the first thing we will do is upload a template to the platform, so that we can work on it naturally and to download the template we go to:

As we see in the picture, we went directly to the theme and we will click on it and another window will pop up for us on this shape shown in the picture:

After we click on the button referred to in the “upload” image, we will go to another page as shown in the following image:

We will click first as we indicated in the image on the Upload Theme, and then another window will pop up for us which is where we have indicated the number ( 2 ), and from it we will choose the template on our computer.

Note: the template file must be compressed and must be .zip in order for the template to load without problems.

After we have chosen the template, we will click on Install Now and wait for the template to be installed on the WordPress platform.

After installing the template:
After we installed the template, we must point out an important point, which is to change the interface of the platform language and the way to change it is very easy as we see in this picture:

Then we will search for the language of the site and choose Arabic directly, in order for the language of the platform provided by WordPress to be changed to Arabic and for the control of the site to be easier, faster and more understandable.

Also in the same interface we will see the name of the site, which we will change according to our will, of course, and according to the goal of the site.

Now, congratulations, you have a site, what we will be working on now is to install plugins for any template that comes with it or we are the ones we are adding it.

What are WordPress plugins?
WordPress plugins are simply the plugins that we place on the site and which are major or optional, and an example of plugins, for example, Slide Show or other such additions simply.

And when you download any template that comes with some of its own plugins, as we see in the image, after we went to the additions, we will activate them in order to work on our template.

Exactly, we will activate the plugins that are present and other add-ons can also be downloaded from the install button in case you have add-ons to your computer of course.

Site division:
Now that we upload our template, we will need to split it into the sections we want and the format that best suits the content we provide.

And the method of dividing the site is very simple, we will go directly to the site and click on Customize as we see in the image below:

And we chose this method in order to place the lists and divide them with ease. After we clicked on Customize, now we will move to this page that we see in the image:

We will click on lists.

Completely, and now we will add the lists that we want on our site, such as (articles or technical or … ..etc.) From the fields that will be compatible with the goal of your site.

Classifications are one of the most important sections of our topic so that from these classifications, the topics and articles that we write are directed to the site’s menus, before we explain what the classifications are, first we can add them to WordPress like this:

After we click on the categories, we will go to another page, and it will be like this, which we see in the picture:

And here we add the categories we want in our articles, and in an easy way we write any classification and press Add this all about it, of course also you can add other categories while writing articles, and this is possible on the WordPress system.

Now that you have completed all these steps, we will tell you congratulations and you can add articles to your site. You were able to build a complete and integrated site from scratch and with the best hosting with the best electronic content management system WordPress, and with it now you can add articles and start developing your site And manage it simply and easily and without any problems.

You can view the method of registering for host gateway hosting and practically adjusting your website settings in detailed steps here:
Thus, for every beginning of the end and the good work is the end of it, I hope to God Almighty that I have succeeded in my presentation of this article and that he has liked it, and if you have any questions or need your help in something do not hesitate and leave a comment below and I will answer you.

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