How to generate huge profits from Ebay store

Making good profit from ebay

Ebay or as Ebay is known as one of the most important websites when it comes to electronic buying and selling, it enables many young merchants to open international stores to market their products all over the world.
This eBay e-store offers an excellent opportunity for you whether you are a simple seller, you have your own store or you are working dropshipping, and whether you offer new products, or used products, with eBay you have the opportunity to market your products, whatever and wherever you are through the following report we will get to know Well on eBay and the various and various advantages it offers you as a seller.
How to make money on ebay
What is eBay?
EBay is a website where you can buy and sell, in exchange for a deduction that he takes from you on every sale you make. If you are a seller and we will talk here about the sellers, because in any case you will not earn from any eBay website if you are a seller, and if you are a buyer you will pay for the commodity that you want to buy, then here is no gain other than the commodity that you will receive against the amount that you paid for it.
Rather, to earn from eBay, you must be a seller who offers goods to people around the world, and as a result these people look at this item and like it, and they buy it, and from here you will be able to obtain a profit margin on every item sold.

What are the ways to sell on eBay
There are two methods of selling on this distinguished website, as follows: –
Sale by auction

Here the seller of the used item is addressed to you, meaning that you own second-hand goods and want to resell them again, here you will participate in the sale by auction.
You must specify a specific time for this auction, at the end of which the sale is made, for the last buyer who had registered for this auction and imposed the largest price offered.

This method is very useful for used goods, as it will always give you a higher price than you expect, because the spirit of competition among people, even if they do not realize it well, will make them refuse to get others the commodity they want, so they will always increase the price, but the price of this used item will not reach All the way to its real price when it was new. So we say that it is useful in the case of second-hand goods only.

Selling directly

This method is useful in the case of selling new goods, as here you will charge the price of the item with determining your profit margin, of course, after deducting the commissions that are taken from you, whether on shipping or from eBay, or even from Paypal itself.

You are the main controller here in the amount of profit that you want to get, and the impact of that buyer who wants your commodity will buy it at the price that you set for it.
What are the payment methods on eBay

The electronic bank that is easy to deal with and which you trust eBay is the Paypal Bank, where you can link it to your account on eBay and perform the physical transactions of your account with ease.

The owner of eBay is also the owner of Paypal

How to be a seller on eBay
There is no problem in being a seller on eBay. All you will have to do is register on the site and start adding your products, but the problem is how will you be a professional seller on eBay? So with us today, we will show you how to excel in eBay sales and purchases.

There are two ways to be a seller on eBay and they are as follows: –

You have your own store
Meaning that you open in any country around the world a store that sells certain goods, and you want to market them globally, you will enter and register a page for you, and then work to photograph your goods and upload them to your page on the Ebay site and then determine their price if they are new, or put them in the auction if they are Used.

In the end, who loves your commodity, he will contact you directly on your page and buy the commodity, then in order to send it to him you will have to write to one of the international shipping companies, and you will packaging the product well, pay the shipping price, put the buyer’s address in the shipping company, and the latter will send the commodity to the shop To the buyer.

You don’t have a private store
Here your page will be your default store, and on that basis you will deal, so where will you come from the goods, you will simply work in the path of sbij.
This means that you will see other websites that deal in the field of e-commerce, such as Amazon, Express, and others.
Then you bring copies of the goods from him and place them in your store to attract buyers to buy them, with a price set for them greater than the last price that the original owner of the goods set for them to be able to profit.

When the purchase is made, you will contact the owner of the commodity and purchase the commodity as if you were a regular buyer, but you will put the address of the buyer who bought the commodity from you instead of your address in the address field.

How to be a professional seller on eBay

There are several steps if you apply them well that you can win in this field, and they are a professional seller and they are as follows: –

market study

You should study the e-commerce market well, so that you know well what are the most commodities that sellers compete for, what offers they offer the consumer, and how to attract them to them, and try to impose your own offers in this field, which should be more attractive than the offers of sellers Others so that you can attract the consumer to you without us from other sellers.

Create a brand

The brand is trusted by the consumer more than anything, so you can provide your own brand that distinguishes your products from other products, which gives the commodity more credibility.

High quality

You must pick high-quality goods to sell to the consumer, and the more good the goods, the more confidence they give you, and buy again from you.

Goods costs
There are some sellers who walk by the principle of the higher the price, the higher the value of the sold item, but this argument cannot be applied in all cases.

We can say that the accessory and jewelry can be more expensive, because their value justifies them to be high price.

As for ordinary and traditional goods, why are they high in price ?! One should be wary of this point because the consumer is not completely oblivious to the market price.

So you must put profitable prices for the commodity, but to the appropriate extent, and not in an exaggerated manner.

Keep records
If you are a seller, you must create a record of sales and purchases in order to be truly profitable. The carefully studied steps in this field will prevent you from falling into the evil of loss.

If every tangible step is to verify well the amount spent on the purchased goods, the amount deducted as commissions, and the amount of shipping, this will enable you to set a calculated and expected net profit margin, and avoid the loss in the sale and purchase that has taken place, it will be impossible to retract or change them.

Personal touches
Personal touches are required in this field, and the buyer is not obligated to purchase from you, so he can go to others, because there are simply hundreds of others.

So you must maintain personal contact between you and the buyer, and do not feel that he is like the goods you sell to him that you want to get rid of once the money is received.

So there is no objection to calling him again to make sure that the commodity has arrived, and asking him what he thinks about it, and whether he liked it or not? And tell him that you have more goods on display he will be pleased, if he purchases from you again, because they are really good goods.

Advertising on eBay
This step will benefit you if you are a new seller, then the advertisement here will know the buyers on you, and it will allow your goods to appear on the storefronts, and of course this is in exchange for a financial charge imposed on you which is about $ 9.95 per month, and by the end of the month, the appearance of your product will appear on the main storefront, and you can renew the subscription Automatically or whatever you like

Minimum merchandise

This point the new sellers will have to resort to, in which they will have to reduce the profit margin significantly, which may be nonexistent at times, in order to be able to achieve their first sales.

What would make the buyer attract to you if you are a new seller and charge the same prices that the trusted seller imposes on the commodity, so you will have to reduce the profit margin, in order to attract more consumers to you.

Consumers are attracted to the price in the beginning, and if the price is the same for the sellers, they will never want to venture with the new seller, but if the price you have as a new seller is less then they can venture to get the good at this good price that they cannot find at the other seller.

In the end, the e-commerce market has a great competition, whether from the Arabs and each other, or between Arabs and foreigners, and if you decide to enter this market you must know that the profit will not come overnight, but it requires you patience and effort in order to be able to achieve profits, and excellence in this field.

So this market, even if it becomes clear to you from the outside that it is easy and simple, but it is exactly the opposite, it is possible that we know that it is the easy and abstaining, so we call on all new sellers to the necessity of creativity in order to be able to excel in this field, and we wish everyone success.

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