How to get a lot of feedbacks from eBay store

The FedBack or evaluation is generally considered to be one of the algorithms found in a large percentage of the sites for buying and selling and also on the free business platforms. In a nutshell, evaluation is one of the most important algorithms that should be in any location where the physical dealings, evaluation or fedback It exists in two types and is positive or negative.

Also, on Ebay, we can find another type called neutral. Of course, all dropshipping field pioneers are very interested in this feature because it is necessary to obtain more customers and more confidence, and the higher the positive feed back, the more buyers will trust in the credibility of the product that Offer it.

How important is fedback to ebay?
As mentioned above, all the sites specialized in the field of trade, receipt and delivery and other such types of works have an evaluation algorithm or what is called a fed back, and this last is considered to be very important,

especially if you are interested in the field of shipping shipping on EBay and other sites, of course, and evaluation is one of the most important points that will pay special attention to it for the profits and losses accrued to it, depending on how many of you got from the feedback, whether negative or positive.

The Fed Pack is one of the fundamentals of the sites in the commercial fields, and the importance of the latter is the impression you give to the business provider or the seller of course, so that the higher his evaluation, the better the customer’s confidence in him and the more demanding of him, and vice versa, any negative evaluations, this leads to dissonance. Clients of the seller of course, so we must pay full attention to this basic algorithm and know how to deal with customers in order to obtain a positive feed back.

So, how do you get more Feedback from eBay?

The eBay website is one of the best known sites in the world for buying and selling, and also for pioneers in drop shipping. This site itself carries the algorithm of Fed Back, so the new sellers on the site and old people are all interested in them, in fact, except that there are several ways to get the fed back In an intense way, i.e. with every customer who buys, in a positive way, and not putting a negative feed back, which may of course harm you.

Positive interaction with the customer:

Positive dealing with the customer is the most basic way to get a positive evaluation, but you may ask the question: How do I deal with it? The answer is simple, it is very important to leave your permanent contact with the customer at the beginning of sending the product and in the middle of the stage and at the end of it means being integrated in an integrated manner with the customer and give him all the information he wants and notify him of your positive dealings with him, of course during all the stages that the shipping process went through and Conduction,

And this matter will delight the customer and make him rest assured to deal with you and for sure upon the arrival of the product will give you a positive evaluation, and this is one of the most important ways that many may neglect, especially the pioneers of the drop-shipping field so you should pay attention to this point and take care of it and deal in a distinctive way With the client so that the last impression is positive on his part.

Stay away from countries where there are problems:

Of course there are many countries in which there are several problems, either wars or other problems that make the shipping that you do may not reach the owner of the request or does not arrive at his time and the buyer may accuse you of not reaching and other such problems and this leads to obtaining the evaluation Positive,

especially if you are a beginner on the eBay website , so it is very important that you stay away from these countries in anticipation of any problems you need, of course, and in order not to return to you with an effect that harms your account and personal page on eBay.

Take care of time:

One of the most important things is time, any buyer especially on eBay cares a lot about time, and this is the most important criterion for it.

The arrival of the product at the time and the delay from the time of receipt, this is considered negative for the buyer, so it is sure that you put a very accurate period and do not delay it,

especially if you are interested in the field of lading shipping, you must pay attention to this particular point, and always put Calculate special circumstances and conditions and specify a specific and accurate time for delivery in order to obtain Positive evaluation.

Choosing the right products and paying attention to the description:
This is one of the very important points in the field of shipping shipping exclusively and in general on eBay, the products that carry the exact description are the products that any buyer likes, so before moving on to the description we must know what are the right products?

Simply, the correct and distinctive products are the ones that bear the exact description and at the same time they are sold more, I mean they were sold heavily or in huge numbers on the site that you use in the field of trade and put them on eBay.

And at the same time, on the other hand, you should be concerned with the most accurate description of the product that you sell on eBay, and surely there are laws that may make the money returned to its owner in the event that the description is incompatible with the product and away from this you will get a negative evaluation so you should definitely take care Significantly, the point of the description and the most accurate choice for you to succeed on eBay and get a very special feed back.

Latest information on eBay and reviews:

As we explained earlier, evaluation is one of the important algorithms on all sites specialized in the field of trade, and for eBay it itself depends on these tools, and therefore valuations are one of the basic criteria that the buyer takes into account and does not care about other things, and therefore we have placed on top several Points you must rely on on the eBay website and never neglect them,

and you also have to be one of the sellers who deal in a distinctive commercial way with buyers in order to be first permanent and at the same time get from them positive reviews of course, which will benefit you a lot in your business It is beneficial On your page, of course, it is the most important criteria, as we said earlier.

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