How to make huge profit from Shopify light

Making profit from shopify light

How to make huge profit from Shopify light. In fact, we are all looking for unique ways to earn quick from any platform that exists on the Internet and in this regard and my interest in the followers of our blog I found one of the best and most successful plan for quick earning.

And as long as we are interested in the showbay platform, the latter is the one we will apply to this plan, which is really considered one of the best ways that help us in the quick gain of this platform, the most famous in the world and specialized in building electronic stores.

Before entering into this plan we had to take a quick look at the showify platform:

What is the showify platform in a nutshell?

  • Shopify platform is one of the applications that allows you to create your online store with ease and get hundreds of distinctive templates for your store according to your specialty without the need for any developer or any experience in the field of website programming and construction and therefore it is very suitable for beginners and professionals.

Shopify platform by numbers:
In fact, some people may think that the application of ShowBay is one of the platforms that generates a simple or fairly simple income, but contrary to what some people think, the ShowBay platform is one of the best sites that provide many people with an average daily income that may exceed 10 thousand dollars and more as well.

Shopify platform has exceeded one million users.

Shopify platform has more than five hundred thousand stores.

Shopify has generated a tremendous number in sales, $ 46 billion and more.

With these numbers and a quick overview of the ShowBay platform, we make sure with certainty and without a doubt that ShowBay is one of the best profitable sites in the internet world, and one of the other features of the ShowBay platform, which is the basis of our topic is that it provides plans for its users to earn from its platforms in the fastest way possible with features New in every plan offered by the platform, of course, all of these plans are paid and not free, but there is a possibility that you can offer you in your hands to try the plan for 14 days and these days with my appreciation is enough to know the features of this feature and benefit from it in a paid way.

Split plans in the ShowPay platform :

Shopify Lite plan , which is the cheapest of these plans, and its value is $ 9 per month, and this plan provides you with several advantages on this platform.

Shopify basic plan , worth $ 29 a month, with benefits greater than its predecessor, of course.

And if you are a business leader and want multiple advantages, then your choice will start from this plan that is offered to you by the private platform. The value of the payment per month is $ 79.

Shopify’s advanced plan , with a monthly value of $ 299 per month.

As for the last level of these plans, the most advantageous, which it calls the platform as Shopify Plus , and its value is determined by the method of negotiation.
And as we know, every plan presented by the ShowBay platform has several features, differences in terms of advantage and according to the value that you can pay on a monthly basis.

From all this quick information that we have known now in every section of this interesting topic and we got a quick overview of the showbay platform and the plans that it provides and we have made sure thanks to the numbers and results that it is one of the most profitable platforms in the world and used.

Therefore, I decided on this topic to choose a distinct plan for earning on the ShowBay platform quickly and of course at the lowest costs and the best advantages, and as we all know that any beginner in any field could not enter one with a large capital.

Certainly in this matter also we will offer you a plan with the lowest value and the best advantages and, God willing, you will benefit from it very much and you can earn from this platform without any problems or losses completely.

A very quick overview of the plan that we will use and is the least valuable plan with its most prominent features:

ShowPay Light Plan:

As we have seen, Shopify divided and presented its users with several plans to earn from its store, and each of these plans has its main advantages and capabilities, of course.

And since our website is based on profit from the Internet and one of its advantages is to provide the easiest ways for our dear followers, we have to choose for you the best and cheapest way possible, and explain how to use it without any losses or problems and this is what we will provide you with for sure, God willing, in the rest This subject .

ShowBuy Lite plan is the plan chosen for you in this explanation, and of course it is one of the best ways to gain and faster for any beginner in this field or the owner of experience as well, because this very distinctive plan has several characteristics that many may overlook.

Among the most prominent questions that any of you might ask are:

What is Shopify Lite plan?

ShowBay Light in a nutshell is one of the plans that the ShowBay platform offers to its users who are looking for the easiest way to profit and use with many advantages and also with a value that is considered little or weak.

And certainly like any plan presented to you by the ShowPay platform, this plan has a special system in material transactions and we may not focus mainly on this point because it is very normal.

And if you enter the site, you will find that the main page of the section of the Shopify Lite plan has two branches. The first is the plan that we mentioned before and the basic plan. Here you may ask the question, What is the difference between them?

In fact, there are several differences, but for us, we may not find them affecting our work once and for all. Perhaps the most prominent differences between these two plans are:

ShowPay Light’s plan differs slightly between it and Shubify’s basic plan in financial dealings, and the other difference between the two plans is in creating a special website, the first is not supportive of that and the basic plan supports this feature, and the last difference between the Shubify Lite plan and the basic plan is that in The plan that we explain, and by that I mean here, the ShowPay Light plan, which allows you to enter only one employee account. As for the basic plan, it provides you with the ability to add two accounts with the main account, that is, the administrator account.

As we mentioned earlier, these differences that we mentioned may not affect in any way what we aim for, and for this we will continue to place the basic stones in our construction and completion with the distinct plan that will provide us with profit in the easiest way and less valuable.

Here we have reached the last section in this topic, which is explaining the method of using this plan and its most important advantages and where its negative and positive aspects lie in order to get a general and detailed idea of this plan, which will be a reason, God willing, to obtain profits for you through this The platform and this is the goal of our blog.

Explain the Shopify lite plan: its most important features

As we mentioned, of course, this plan, called Shubify Light, is provided by the Shubify platform, which provides its users with the easiest way to profit quickly.

The first feature of this plan is that ShowBay Lite supports Facebook. You may ask: What do we mean by this?

We all know that Facebook is one of the best and most powerful sites in the history of the Internet at all, and Facebook is one of the first sites in terms of the number of its users, and here we conclude that Facebook is the best way for us to put our products on it, as this last is used by all Uses and interests, and the most beautiful thing of all this is that the Shopify Lite plan supports dealing with Facebook and here provides us with the first steps for us to profit from this platform in the fastest and best way so that:

We get an opportunity that is truly tremendous, as we now can, thanks to this distinguished plan, offer our products to a huge number of users and is estimated at billions, and one of the best features of this plan and thanks to its support for Facebook, we can create a complete and integrated store on Facebook and add our products that We are in the process of selling it completely, easily and with full details (pictures, prices, product details …)

One of the advantages of supporting the plan for this feature is that we get at the same time a quick access to our products and also the ease of paying through Facebook and access our money in a very fast and distinctive way, and that this feature and we described it as powerful because it facilitates us to deal and communicate with customers and the messaging method And without any problems, and from here we can obtain large profits in a fast and easy way.

And one of the advantages of Showbife’s other plan is that it provides you with the platform in this plan, allowing you to add the buttons for purchase that you can put on your site or on the Blogger or WordPress platform or in other platforms, and this feature is very important, as it is one of the easiest ways that you can get On fast purchase methods from other platforms that are related to your site and get new sales through your blog or your site in full ease and ease and receive your money in the best way and honestly and directly by adding special buttons from the Shopify platform without any external links and this is one of the important features Really in this plan.

One of the great advantages in this plan is the value of the material transactions, which are very attractive and the percentage of big profits is yours, and this is a common denominator between the basic plan and the first plan, which we are currently explaining, as the fees and values are very weak so that:

The credit card fee is 2.9 percent, and the fees for financial transactions over the Internet are 30 cents. As for the percentage of fees that are calculated on personal purchases, it is only 2.7 percent, and here we conclude that the ShowPay platform is very distinctive in all respects. Perhaps the most prominent here is its financial dealings and fees. Which helps any pioneer to use this platform without problems and also encourages it.

And with this plan paid only for the value of $ 9, you get these special deals, because this is something that really encourages profit and profit from Showbay platform in particular, and in general, profit from the Internet and earning from it.

Here we move on to the best feature that you may find in the Shopify Lite plan , which is that with this plan and paid only at a value of $ 9, you can place unlimited products on the Shopify platform, and here we find the vast difference between other platforms and competent in the same field.

So that we are for a very simple price that does not reach up to $ 10 a month. I can sell unlimited products on Shopify platform, and this feature is shared between this plan and the basic plan.

And from all of these features that we explained, we can tell you the follower of the Rami Ezzat Blog, what do you want more than these features as you got support for the electronic stores for Facebook and here in the latter you get an opportunity to display your products to millions of users if we did not transfer billions And the method of payment with ease in addition to the best thing in this plan is to communicate through these means that are the easiest, most reliable and fastest

Cons of Shopify lite plan:

In fact, after we mentioned all those advantages of this plan, we may not find what we say in the negative aspects of this plan, but it is necessary that we do not lose sight of some of the points that we have included in the negative aspects of the ShowBay Light plan:

One of the downsides of this plan is that it does not provide its full support for social networking sites other than Facebook only.

In this plan, you have the opportunity to access one employee account with your store with the main account.

And as we collected some negatives here, we may gather to say that this plan is limited to something for any user with imposed conditions, but it remains very distinctive and at a price that is completely proportional.

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