How to make your smart home secure with Avast security

Securing your smart home devices especially those connected to the internet has been a very tedious issue and also insurance consigned.

First, what are smart home devices: Smart home itself refers to homes or an apartment, be it a new or renovated home that has smart appliances which can be controlled or monitored remotely by the owner using either mobile devices or voice control. There are different levels of smart home capabilities, some smart home just ends with cameras and monitoring devices, some extend to the use of smart hubs and voice control. From our latest update in the just concluded 2020 CES, Smart home will be moving into a new level with a series of technologies displayed in CES 2020. Some of these technologies include smart mirrors which has a prebuilt android device in it and still a fully functional mirror, and the all wowing LG smart refrigerator that also has an android tablet installed in transparent glass. Wowing right? That’s the extent smart home can go.

With that being said, now you know that most smart home devices connect to each other wirelessly with either Bluetooth or the internet. This enables them to make full functionalities and user also has full control regardless of distance away from home. Coming down to security and insurance, your insurance might cover you using a smartphone that has been designed to withstand a lot of malicious attacks and also have different antivirus and internet security companies designing apps that keep your mobile device safe. But your mobile device is one way or another connected to those smart home devices like your Alexa, your voice control oven which might not be as secure as your phone.

The producers of these devices are not to blame for the level of insecurity or bridge their devices might course to your internet connection, of course, they are very busy trying to make your oven the best of it and also make your juicer work perfectly fine. On the other hand, Avast has decided to play part in the security of our smart home.

Avast, one of the biggest tech security company in the industry has presented a smart device that will also connect to your smart hob (be it the Wi-Fi) and ensure that every IP that logs into your internet connection through any of these devices is blocked and not granted access to any data at all. Avast displayed this device in the 2020 CES saying they will use their regularly updated database of malware, Virus and hacker’s IP to ensure maximum protection of your smart home. Making sure there is no external or unwanted device connected to your smart home. Avast can tell you when your IoT devices behave abnormally by sending an unusually large amount of data connecting too frequently or connecting to IP addresses that are not standard for that device type. Isn’t this one of the best ways to make your smart home secure?

As this might sound really intriguing, we believe a lot of investors will come into this soon and also increase the competition. On that note, Avast has set a yearly fee of $100 for the subscription on this device. The price might seem a bit skeptical, but I must say as at the time of this publication we do not have full details about the pricing and the full device feature yet. But we will continue to feed you with an update on this issue as we want to ensure you have the best suggestions on how to make your smart home secure.

As a lot of cybersecurity perpetrators will say “Security is an illusion” this makes me think “If the bird learns to fly without perching will hunters learn to shot without missing?”

Now let us know what you think in the comment box below, will Avast actually create a better way to secure your smart home or will they just charge your enormously leaving you still prone to security bridges and maybe data lose?

7 thoughts on “How to make your smart home secure with Avast security

  1. This seems like a great idea. Regardless of the fact that plugging avast technology to our network gives them access to all the data related to our smart home. but if it will help secure my smart home. Then we can give it a go.

    1. The issue if data must have been taken care of. After what happened with Facebook analytics. If you are okay with their price then you can pick Avast to secure your smart home. Thanks for your contributions.

      1. Great article, despite the fact are not complete in terms of price and how to get this device. Also i like to point that there is no company that will completely take care of data issues. I hope Avast does not use it as much as Facebook did.

    1. I see smart home and its security as essentials we need in our home. You staying alone means you might own a whole lot of smart home devices that you need to top up their security.

  2. My wife and I will really need the app. It will save from alot of strenuous home activities and also save us from hiring house helps who finally turn out to be bad ideas.

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