How to unfreeze a blocked paypal account

Has your Paypal account been frozen? Here is the solution

Paypal is one of the most important electronic banks that are indispensable in the areas of profit from the Internet, so whether you are a beginner or even advanced in this field you will need Paypal inevitably it is the electronic bank that everyone accepts dealing with without any doubt in his reputation, where Paypal has With very great confidence from its users, and in the Arab countries there are hundreds of restrictions that are placed on activating Paypal and there are those who resort to various methods to activate it, such as opening an American bank account, or making a virtual virtual visa, or linking Paypal to Payoneer bankso that he can withdraw money to his balance in The end.

And it incurs the trouble of paying many discounts, the important thing is that it is a long roll in which you will incur a lot of trouble so that you can eventually make Paypal Your account is effective and allows you to withdraw and deposit money at any time and from anywhere around the world, but there are people who are surprised after that and after they have finished this roll and start earning money through their e-commerce or free Lancer sites that they work on that their account has been frozen, and here comes Thunderbolt where the account is frozen after he has already received the money and kept the money on it inside it, it would have been easy if Paypal froze before the Paypal received the money, but the Paypal always freezes the money after it is placed in your wallet inside the Paypal and to avoid Basically this problem, which will be difficult to solve To some extent, come with us in the next report.

We offer you the most important steps that you must follow to avoid freezing your account inside Paypal in addition to the most important steps that you must follow when the freeze occurs.

Reasons for freezing Paypal

To start with, you should know that Paypal isThere is no racism or revenge between you and him to freeze your account itself. Rather, it is a policy that he takes in certain cases, so if you fall into one of them, you are subject to freezing, and I am often surprised when I read one of the comments of a person who is dissatisfied with the freezing of their account, especially if he is from an Arab country.

The accusations that this electronic bank is racist and arbitrary towards the Arabs, but the truth is completely offensive to what you think, because it earns you as an Arab the same as the one who earns it from the foreigner, so why would he prefer it to you? If you both are equal in the same amount of the commission that is deducted from you, so you must get this out of your intellectual accounts completely, just as you must bear in mind that Paypal if it freezes an account is also lost a future profit from you or other accounts that It has been frozen so it is also a loser, but it does this arbitrary policy of scams that other users may suffer, and Paypal has several reasons for the freezing, the most important of them.

1- Suspected of fraud

Suspicion of fraud comes at the top of the list of freezing accounts, and there are several actions if they occur that the bank will immediately classify as fraud, the most important of which are:

Access from a foreign device to your personal account, even if you are this person, the bank will suspect you.
Violating the usage policy as violating one of the laws that imposes on you, and this you can learn about it through the PayPal policy that you agreed to before subscribing and that mostly 99.9% of us do not read it.
Submit a complaint through one of the clients who deals with you about the work you are performing, as if it is a business that violates the bank’s policies.
Doubts about the content of the site you provide, such as providing a terrorist site.
Failure to investigate the accuracy of your personal account information on Paypal, or this information is very old.
You have a very low credit score, which is also dangerous for your account.

2- Financial amounts received

Financial amounts received are the main factor in freezing accounts. For example, as a beginner’s Chipper paths on e-commerce platforms, you will definitely prefer to start experimenting with selling low-priced commodities, which causes Paypal to use the same to receive small amounts from you, either in some case. You decide to fill your online store with goods that bring you rewards. The bank will immediately suspect you and resort to freezing the account.

An illustrative example of simplification

You work in a market for electronic goods accessories, such as selling mobile accessories, cables, chargers, and headphones, the important thing is that even if you win, the maximum profit will not exceed $ 200 for example, but you suddenly came and decided that after now you will no longer benefit you from these small amounts of selling electronic goods accessories, And you decided to sell the electronic goods themselves, such as selling phones, tablets, iPads.

Or even computers, the important thing is that you do not speak in hundreds of dollars but you will speak in thousands where you will enter into your balance an immediate amount exceeding $ 2000, for example here immediately you will expose your account for freezing, Because Paypal has doubted you.

Why does Paypal hold your money and how can you avoid that?

3- Money disputes
Since you are an e-dealer, you are definitely exposed to disputes between you and one of the customers who buy from you, this is not completely excluded, even if you are trying to satisfy customers as fully as possible for this to happen, in this case we must differentiate between disputes in which Request for refund by the buyers or disputes in which the refund is requested by the banks

The first: disputes with buyers

In this case, if you as a seller are unable to reach a solution with the buyer, the buyer will have to resort to submitting a request to return the payments that you took from him in the event that if he is not satisfied with the goods offered or did not send in the foundation here, Paypal will give you 10 days to By deciding on this issue or even reviewing yourself with the buyer and praying together for a solution, after which the bank will rule in favor of the buyer and return the money to him, especially if you do not have sufficient documents to prove that you are wronged in this dispute, and this dispute is all that the bank will not leave in its condition even after that He will give the buyer the full amount he paid, but rather He began thinking about the possibility to be an impostor.

The second: disputes with banks

When payment has been made through a bank account number, such as the person who made the purchase is not the owner of the card or entered without his permission, in this case you will have an opportunity ranging from 7 to 10 days to prove by evidence and papers that the transaction that was made through this bank to your account is a transaction There is no real manipulation in it, and in fact one of these disputes may pass safely, whether the first or the second, but it is not certain that you will pass in all circumstances, because the large number of disputes that will ultimately lead to the freezing of the account undoubtedly.

What do I do when the account is frozen?

In the event that you did not pay attention to the caveats that we mentioned to you previously and signed them, and in fact your account was subjected to freezing then the problem comes, what will you do when this electronic bank freezes your account?

Certainly there is an opportunity to review it, but in reality it is not always a hundred percent certain, but we will not lose anything from trying. Below are some of the steps that you must follow in case your account inside Paypal is subjected to freezing.

1- Conflict Resolution Center

The first thing that you will do is enter your account, go to the dispute resolution center and attach your documents with an explanatory message explaining to them the reality of what really happened and the required papers will mostly be as follows:

Evidence of this work being practiced and used in the conduct of its Paypal bank transactions such as tax licenses, water and electricity bills.
Shipping proofs that you have submitted the goods in question, which is known as tracking numbers.

Proof of products you have sent as supplier name and contact details.
Your personal information, such as a driver’s license, passport, and social security card.

After that, you will have to sit and wait for the Paypal response, and most often they will respond to you with a typical letter that is recorded for everyone that they will see the papers that you sent and after that they will decide to freeze the account from your account or keep it as it is, and after a period of time will ask you to either more documents of proof, or wait for a period 180 days to another until decoupling from freezing, in both cases you can try contacting customer service even though everyone says that customer service always comes modular and not useful at all. But there is no problem in trying this option as long as it can benefit you as long as it is It won’t hurt you, so why not try it?

But you have to deal with caution with customer service, especially if you are going to talk to them on the phone. If you know that the freeze has been removed, you must thank God that your money was not wasted, but if the freeze remains the same, you have no choice because you simply agreed to submit to the policy of this electronic bank even if you did not actually read it, but you imposed it on yourself when I agreed to it.

How to avoid your Paypal account being frozen

Try to make the sums withdrawn small and not large, and in the event that it is necessary to receive a large amount, Paypal must be notified of the amount coming to you and its amount.

Check the financial limit for your account, because it is possible that the money limit imposed by you is small without knowing this, so check it out.
You should always check card information, such as names, addresses, card numbers, and phone numbers.

If you are shipping goods you must make sure that this shipping company has a tracking number because this tracking number will enable you to know whether the goods have arrived to their owners or not and prove this to Paypal in the event of any dispute.

In fact, if there are many disputes that are still pending and other disputes that have ended unjustly by the account holder himself, but he is without a doubt a Paypal trustworthy bank, then if a bank does not deserve trust it will not resort to scrutiny in all operations that may occur So, even though the Paypal may see him unjust sometimes, but we can sum up the matter here that equality in injustice is justified, and if he had frozen your account for this because you have done the same actions that a suspicious person might do about his matter, if you were not doing That is because you now have a current account without the slightest problem, so at the same time.

The next thing you do by activating your bank account on Paypal, you must take into account all of the advice and warnings we have told you to avoid the freezing order at the end.

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