Interesting tips on How Facebook page works

Today’s lesson is the first lesson of Facebook marketing lessons, and you are now required to know how to make a page on Facebook, and this page is the most important thing in marketing and is considered the most important stage of marketing because it is through which you can implement and do (facebook ads), so that you can Putting a post on the page and making a funded advertisement for it so that it reaches the largest number of people on Facebook and not only from the page’s friends by targeting them.

Cover design for Facebook page + ways to profit from it
We choose the creat page, you will see several options from which we choose the required specialization, that is, if it is brand, local bussines, or entertainment. By suggesting names for the page, choose from it and take the suggested name and copy it, then click Get started, thus completing the page on Facebook now.

After we have prepared the page, we add a picture of the page and a cover image expressing our niche. And at least we put 10 pictures of products that express the niche, since the page is still new, we are searching for videos that also express the niche, for example here if my niche is glasses, I will put pictures of glasses or people who wear them and videos that express this too, and there are a lot of free pictures and if I was able to design you can design good pictures and put them on the page and if you can write your store name on your design then this will be more professional.

We will then put ten topics on the page because they are still recent and will place two or three videos that also express your page, but they must not be affiliate so that the page contains content that attracts visitors to you and draws their attention to your page and this facilitates your work later when you make Facebook ads as the visitor whenever he finds more content On your page, this has increased his interest and attracted to your follow-up, and you will find some guiding steps that Facebook gives you on the page regarding photos and publications, and thus this day’s lesson on the Facebook page has ended in a wonderful and attractive way.

Introduction to Shopify Store

Today we will talk about marketing to Shopify, and we have previously studied in previous lessons how to prepare and equip the store, and some professional lessons may remain such as (how to make discounts more attractive, how to make an addition, how to add chat or chat so that the customer can communicate with me through it).

Today, at the forefront of the marketing course. First, I will explain a general idea about marketing. In general, with regard to marketing in Showbay, I will not be able to talk about everything in detail, but I will address general ideas until your start on the showbay is strong.

It has a special spotlight, and we will explain it in some detail. The beginning of advertisements often appears on the side of the page, or it may appear on the same page between publications and advertisements of two types: 1-Free 2-paid

Facebook Ads

Ads are created by (facebook ads) If you are a beginner, you should make ads with both free and paid types. Only professionals can rely on paid ads alone because they know how they can recover advertising money in a profitable form.

You can advertise through the Facebook group or the page, and there are many ways to advertise, whether free or paid.

If you have a strong Twitter account, you can make ads through it or via the hashtag. You can start marketing your products, and of course it is preferred that the accounts be foreign.

Also Instagram and the pinterest website for marketing and Google AdWords or YouTube are owned by Google and can be marketing products through YouTube videos or advertising in a famous channel, but we will focus more on facebook ads)) and I will explain in the next video how to start marketing through facebook ads)).

Subscribe to the paid plan in Shopify, remove the Password store and make it available to everyone
Shopify We have now reached the final stages of the Shopify course before the beginning phase of Shopify for Shopify, and in previous lessons we created the store and set up payment settings and shipping settings, and we put goods and products on the store.

Everyone who follows this course is supposed to have at least 20 or 30 items in his store. I have explained more than one way to place goods in the store, whether it is manual methods or through the oberlo application, which is the best application (review the application) .


Now that we’ve finished almost all the settings, we must subscribe to a paid plan before starting the marketing process. Because there is an application that only works on the paid and paid plan, it will certainly be more supported until the password in our store disappears, and also because this is now a real business and there will be a monthly tax that we will pay and we have explained this in previous lessons.

First, I click on select plan, the three plans for Showbuy will appear to me. I will choose the first basic shopify, and then I will enter the payment data for your visa name or type and then we will enter the expiry date or renewal date and your data and choose the monthly or yearly payment time as you wish. I will subscribe now monthly and I will save the modifications.

It will start with deducting the amount from your credit and thus you have registered. Then we go to the online store and we remove the password, but you must be involved in a paid plan to do this step. After removing the password, the store is now open to everyone, and any visitor anywhere in the world can visit and browse it, if all we have done is just two steps.
First: We have subscribed to the paid plan.

Second: We removed the password so that your Shop in Shopify becomes open and available to everyone, and this is what is required.

As we mentioned earlier, the store must contain 20 or 30 items for your Panitch and good goods will be priced, so that you are ready for the next stage, which is the marketing phase.

With this amount, we ended our lesson today on subscribing to the paid plan and removing the password from the store and making it available to everyone.

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