Introduction on shipping by ePacket inside your shop in Shopify

Shipping by ePacket inside your store in Shopify

If you have a shop in Shopify , you must need shipping via ePacket, as it is one of the most prominent shipping methods on various e-commerce platforms, given its attractive price and speed in delivering the order to be shipped, as it is one of the most shipping methods Which is very popular within the e-commerce market and it is provided by China and Hong Kong merchants, and it allows international shipping to many different countries around the world, also provides you with tracking numbers that enable you to know the arrival of the commodity or not to the customer, which makes it a more than wonderful companion on Your store in Shopify , and in the next report enacted Find out how to set up your Shop on Shopify with fast, safe and absolutely inexpensive shipping.

The needs of a successful Shopify store

What you need to create a successful e-store is the following items, subscribe to Shopify itself and prepare a special and distinctive store, and then use on Express to bring goods to your shop on Shopify, then use the Oberlo application to organize these goods smoothly and bring in many information and pictures for each commodity you bring on Shopify and work to follow up on providing them periodically and then choose ePacket as an impressive shipping company with which it can send many goods through it in a short period of time, if it is compared with many other shipping companies, and for a small amount of money, which is considered optimal for connecting Lost to customers quickly and without great cost.

What is Showbify

Initially we must clarify what is Shubify for those who do not know it, which is an e-commerce platform that enables small merchants and adults alike to create e-commerce platforms within its site, it contains inside it a lot of electronic stores that provide millions of different goods and goods in exchange for a subscription My money is paid by the merchant to Shopify to allow him to enjoy many of the advantages that it provides to him, and if you work as a shipkeeper you will know well what is Shopify and what are the most important features that it offers to you, it provides you with many different features that will enable you to manage your store in an easy and fast way where you will be able From bringing in many commodities from different electronic platforms, the most important of which is Ali Express, and put it with a press of a button on your online store on Shopify.

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What are the benefits of Shopify?

Accordingly, you will be able to create an online store for a relatively reasonable financial return, and then you will offer many goods and merchandise with which you will be able to carry out many sales operations, around the world, to achieve an excellent financial return.

What is Ali Express?

It is an electronic platform that comes from China that contains many commodities with reduced prices, you can take advantage of them to bring in many commodities from them and put them on your online store inside Shopify and then display them to the consumer with setting your profit margin higher than the original commodity price inside Shopify and when the consumer likes it, he will buy it from you and after that you will buy the commodity from the seller on Ali Express and put you the buyer’s address instead of your address inside the address you want to export the commodity to, and thus you will sell the commodity and obtain a profitable margin for you.

What are the benefits of Ali Express?
From it you will be able to bring many electronic goods and goods from various categories, which are characterized by its terrible diversity and very excellent prices, as it will provide you with low-cost goods despite the good quality, which is considered a more than wonderful store for bringing many electronic goods and goods to your store.

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What is Oberlo?
In order to set up a shop on Shopify Professional, you must use the Oberlo appBeing that you can bring in many electronic goods and goods from Ali Express with one click, all you have to do is install this application on your store inside Shopify for a monthly subscription amount that you pay and then enjoy the import of many goods from the electronic platform.

On Express in one click, instead From the long search for a wonderful commodity and then you put it inside your store on Shopify and then work to bring information about it, and then bring pictures of it and upload it to your device, the Oberlo application saves you all of this especially if you are dealing with products that exceed a thousand goods, then all you have to do You hit Ten The item is intended for your store and it will be automatically downloaded with all its details, information and pictures on your store on ShowBay.

The Oberlo application also provides continuous alerts about this commodity from Ali Express on your store, as it provides you with information about its availability or access, or if any new information about its price has occurred. You didn’t know about it and so on, so you canUberlo will drive your store with complete professionalism.

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What is the benefit of the Oberlo application?
You can Oberlo from the ease of dealing with your store, for a small amount of money, you can install this application on your store and bring thousands of goods, specifications and all information about them with the push of a button, which makes it ideal if you are looking for a professional store.

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What is ePacket?

It is the most popular shipping platform that many sellers use to export the commodity to the consumer because it is a low price, and it is supported in many different European countries, and the shipping period within it does not exceed 7 to 30 days, unlike many other shipping companies that can be shipped For more than three months, which makes all consumers and sellers alienate them, so ePacket Shipping Company is the perfect choice for the item that you want to ship to the consumer.

What are the benefits of ePacket

Given that the shipping method is the primary means by which the buyer will supply the commodity he purchased from you and will determine accordingly whether this commodity provided to you is good or you should not know well why Epacet chooses and the reasons are as follows:

Is a company specialized in the shipping service for goods that come via e-commerce, so it is the fastest, easiest and least expensive when it comes to shipping electronic goods.

It is basically a Chinese company headquartered in Hong Kong, and you, since you use Ali Express to ship goods, which is also a Chinese e-commerce platform, then you will bring the commodity located near the Chinese company Epacet, so shipping the same item will be from the Chinese stores through a company Shipping is also located in China to different parts of the world, which makes it easier and faster when it comes to shipping.

EPacket is also one of the most popular electronic shipping companies that are very popular in the United States of America, as it has started many expansion operations that make it spread in many European countries, and its expansion list is still ongoing.

EPacket provides its customers with a tracking number on the goods to be sent, which is a very useful thing in knowing the location of the commodity and whether or not it arrived at the buyer.

With her you are completely safe, even if you send her any non-deliverable item it will be returned, without paying any fines for that, which makes its first goal is to satisfy its dealers.

Customs and customs taxes are not imposed on you by ePacket, as it is imposed on the recipient of the shipment itself, it is the person who extracts it and clears the fees due on it.

Epacet has continuous support to different parts of the world, and this support is increasing, and the countries to which Epacet provides the ability to ship goods to are Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Greece, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Canada, France , Germany, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam (currently in test run), some regions in France.

EPacket offers you fast shipping that continues between 7 to 30 working days, and the average shipping time is about, 20 working days on goods supplied to Mexico, and 5 to 7 working days on goods supplied to Vietnam, and 7 to 15 working days on goods supplied to Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the other countries that are supported by ePacket.

The average shipping period within them is 7 to 10 business days.
And the specific weight allowed to be sent is about 2 kilograms, to the various countries supported shipping to it except Israel, so the specific weight to send the goods to it is about 3 kilograms.

EACT is available on many different electronic platforms that you can use wherever your online store is. You can use the shipping company, ePacket, a convenient and convenient option, and deliver the item quickly at a reduced price.

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