Marketing hints for Dropshipping on Black Fridays

Black Friday, or what is known as Black Friday, is one of the most important days awaited by millions from across European countries. Marketing hints for Dropshipping on Black Fridays.

Given the importance of this day in changing the curve of your e-commerce significantly, we brought you in this article all the details that pertain to Black Friday, and how you will be able to achieve the highest revenue from buying and selling on this day.

What is black friday

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If you are new to the shipping way, you should know first of all what is Black Friday or Black Friday, which is a global shopping day that comes at the end of November, in which discounts are made on all goods and merchandise that are displayed in stores, whether in ordinary stores Such as USA stores, or online stores, like Amazon and eBay.

These huge discounts that happen on the goods encourage consumers to buy, which will make you as a sailing path from the beneficiaries so, and to prepare for this wonderful day, here are some important tips to take advantage of this day well.

1- Recharge the card
Before you start anything, you must charge your electronic bank card with a decent amount that is commensurate with the sales and purchases that will come to you on this day. Mostly it will be higher than normal, and in order to be able to profit more on this day, you must have what covers the costs of purchase in order to be able to sell easily without any obstacles.

2- E-Marketing

Before the start of this day, you should prepare for it, so try to market your e-shop with funded ads, or free ads on your pages in social networks, to attract more consumers on this day. Here you are given them the promises that on Black Friday (Black Friday) they will get many goods and products accompanied by huge discounts, which motivates them more to buy.

3- Increase ad spend
In order for this day to bear fruit, you must intensify the advertising campaign for your store, even if it will cost you some extra money. This day will compensate you for what you have imposed on advertising campaigns, God willing.

3- New product additions
On this day, you must make your online store look good by adding new products to it.

Consumers, when they see that your store is well replenished on this day from the form they used to, then this will attract them to enter and see these new commodities that they have not seen before, and if they like it they will definitely buy it.

4- Adding new gifts
On this day, you must offer more than one gift on the products, to motivate consumers to buy from you, this method always persuades the consumer to buy.

Even if the consumer does not need this commodity, he will love that he will get a free gift without paying for it.

5- Customize a gift
To increase enthusiasm inside your store on Black Friday, you should allocate a gift. For example, fans of Al-Ahly club give them a special present for them on this day, such as a sports shirt, or a sneaker. Which encourages consumers to gravitate to your store.

6- Gift Coupons
Consumers love gifts so you can find us always focused on this point, and the gift coupon is one of the methods that attract the consumer to buy more on Black Friday.

For example, you give this gift coupon to those whose purchases on this day exceed $ 200, or $ 500, according to the estimate that you consider appropriate for you. This will motivate consumers to purchase many products to reach the amount that they set to receive the gift.

It is also possible to increase enthusiasm by dividing these coupons financially, whoever buys goods with $ 200 will get a gift worth $ 20, and who buys goods with $ 500 will get a gift worth $ 50, and so on.

7- Create special gift cards
These cards will have discounts of 50% or 30%, or whatever they deem appropriate for you. The important thing is that they will be allocated to your permanent customers who buy products from you.

These consumers trust your store and constantly buy from it, so you should appreciate them for their confidence in you, so make them feel really special on Black Friday.

8- An hourly deal
The deal of the watch is one of the most important and successful methods in electronic shopping, because in this deal you dedicate one hour to a specific product that places discounts on it strikingly, and this discount ends on this commodity once the watch is over.

It is possible to increase enthusiasm by placing a counter on the commodity, which will make consumers rush to buy the product at this hour, which will definitely increase the demand for this product, and increase your sales.

9- Extending the period of discounts

We know very well that Black Friday is one day, but there is no objection to extending this day for more than a day, so if this will bring in more customers, then there is no objection to extending this day. For example, make it Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. This will increase the demand for your store. , And will affect your marketing positively.

10 – Email Marketing
There is no objection to reminding all of your former customers about the offers and discounts you offer them on Black Friday, so try to send e-mails to all the customers that you dealt with previously and remind them to visit your online store on Black Friday, to take advantage of the torrent of discounts that you offer in This black friday.

11- Create a marketing video

To reach the largest number of consumers, try to create a marketing video for your online store, try to be a short-term video to suit all different communication sites, and so that consumers are not tired of seeing it.

There is no need to speak in the video. For example, some video enthusiasts will suffice to encourage people to buy.

12- Create a taxonomic calendar
On this day, you must use a classification evaluation that arranges all of your steps, so that you can calculate well, what you spent on ads, what you spent on buying goods, and what profits you were able to obtain, so that you can well monitor every step you take, and learn when The discount on the product is beneficial to you, or it harms the value of the profits well.

So try to use one of the taxonomic evaluation programs, and to know well the total amount of spending and the total amount of profits on this day.

13- Installing applications
One of the most important applications that your store can connect with is the Shopify chat application, this application allows you to chat directly with the seller, which makes buying and selling talks very easy.

14- Try to be mysterious
Your store on Black Friday does not have to be a boring routine. Try to be sudden by offering shocking offers and cards. This will help make consumers wait inside your store for long periods, enthusiastic about your sudden new offer.

15- Submit vip cards
VIP cards are the cards that you give to people who frequently visit you to buy from your online store, so distinguish them from other consumers, and try to be creative in the offers that you offer inside these cards.

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