Philips Micro Juicer vs Omega NC800 Comparison Review

Hello guys, what we’re going to do today is compare two juicers against each other, head to head in this juice-off spectacular.

So the juicers that we will review today are the Omega NC800, which is one of the best horizontal single auger juicers on the market at this time, against the all-new just released competitor, the Philips Avance HR1897 and they call it and micro-masticating juicer.

So yeah, it looks pretty cool. I kind of like the design a little bit, but basically what you’re gonna see is that this machine is basically a single auger juicer, not a masticating juicer. Because the only masticating juicer is the Champion juicer because that masticates by chewing. These ones actually work by crushing and squeezing.

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So, without further delays, let’s go ahead and get into this juice-off, but the first step of his juice-off is that we’ll go ahead and explain and take apart both machines and explain how they particularly operate.

We’re gonna start with the easy one, the Omega NC800. Now, the Omega NC800 has been out for quite a while now and actually it is the latest upgraded model of Omegas single auger horizontal juicers.

This is the replacement to the very popular Omega 8006 that still gets highly rave reviews on, but in my opinion, you don’t want to buy the older model you want to get this newer model because there are some benefits to this newer model that the older model simply do not have.

In any case, how these machine works is you will stick in the product in the top of the feed chute, it goes in and it basically hits an auger.

And as the product hits the auger, the auger is spinning around at a low and slow eighty RPMs or revolutions per minute.

And as– so you put a carrot in there it chunks off a piece of carrot, the carrot pieces are now forced down the auger.

And forced into a smaller and smaller space meaning it’s literally crushing and squeezing.

It at the same time this screen is around the auger so on the initial crush, the juice is released and exists down through the holes through the bottom of the screen here, stage one.

As the pulp goes down this cone which basically compresses the space more, chews up the fibers more, makes it up into smaller particulate, makes it release more juice. More juice is then extracted in the second stage juicing screen. At which case the pulp is then ejected out the front.

And on the front of this unit, unlike the predecessor model the 8004 and 8006, this actually has an adjustable endcap. The tension on the 8004, 8006 was fixed. This is adjustable. You can set it from zero to five. I do encourage you guys if you’re juicing like vegetables, hard vegetables, and leafy greens to set it on five. That’s gonna put the most back pressure in so that means you’re going to get the highest yield. Matter of fact this machine, the newer model over the 8000 series in my testing gets about I don’t know 8-12% more juice. On average about 10%.

The Omega NC800 has an expanded feed chute size other than the predecessor model. And this is the largest feed chute size on any horizontal single auger machine on the market at this time. And that’s why I really like the NC800 cause it really allows you to do less cutting, and it makes things easier to feed into the juicer so you can get your juice and you can be done with juicing and can get onto doing other things in your life.

It also has a full fifteen-year warranty. And this machine and the Philips Advance that I am reviewing today are actually listed out at the same price.

Alright, now I want to go ahead and show you guys the Philips Advance micro-masticating HR1897 machine.

This one is also actually a single auger machine, a little bit different. Pretty skinny if you look at it from the side. The Philips HR1897 actually has a built-in pulp container, and the Omega NC800 does not.

There is no adjustment on the endcap like there is on the NC800. There is this little button you press which is a stopper which stops the flow of juice in your glass which is actually kind of nice.

Next, this machine actually does not have a juicing screen. So that can be a good or a bad thing. Many people don’t like to clean the juicing screen cause it can take a good amount of to clean. On the NC800 it takes me about a minute and a half to clean the whole machine. So it’s one of the easiest juicers out there.

This one instead of having a juicing screen it basically has this little plastic piece that you set into each other. And it kind of makes like a screen but it’s not really a screen.

It’s just plastic. It’s lined up so close together that it’s screen-like. But this is going to let significantly more pulp through than the screen on the NC800.

Next, we will talk about the auger. It’s actually nice and long. I do like it actually cause on the main grinding area it is stainless steel on one side, but on the other side, it’s all plastic.

Now the interesting thing is Omega NC800 does come with a cleaning brush to make cleaning

easy. And the Philips, despite some of these nooks and crannies does not come with a cleaning

brush. So that you may need to provide yourself.

So the Philips over on this side only has a one year warranty. So you’re spending several hundred dollars on a machine I think you should definitely have more than a one year warranty. Cause it just sounds like to me like they want to pump machines out, sell ’em and then basically forget about ‘cha. Whereas, the Omega is here to stand behind their product.

Now the curious thing is Philips is known for making all kinds of kitchen appliances for many years. I think we had Philips appliances when I was a kid actually. But they haven’t really specialized in juicers until recently.

They’ve always had [indiscernible] juicers which in my opinion are just some really inexpensive juicers that aren’t so good just to have a juicer that they could sell. But it was a simple one, it didn’t really operate so well, so I’m really curious and hopefully, they got their million-dollar engineers to really design a good machine that’s gonna work.

They make some lofty claims like this get 90% of all the fruit into the glass and all this stuff and that seems like really high yield. This is advertised as a fruit, vegetable, leafy green and can actually also process nuts. To make things like nut milk.

So the Omega NC800 rated at 80 RPMs or revolutions per minute and the Philips, nowhere in the manual, the recipe book that’s included, anywhere on their online website, foreign websites that I could find, could I find the RPMs or the revolutions per minute.

I also did actually make a call out to Philips directly to ask the RPMs, and they checked with their supervisor, and they didn’t know the RPMs either. So the company not knowing the RPMs of the machine, that’s interesting.

I want to encourage you guys when you’re buying a juicer, one of the most important criteria for me is preserving the utmost amount of vital chemicals and vital nutrients in the juice. It’s been determined that these vital chemicals and vital nutrients have some protective qualities than may get conferred onto us when we drink the juice. For example, they’ve shown that broccoli has anti-cancer properties in there and if you extract broccoli with a high-speed juicer or even a high-speed blender there’s 50% less of that cancer-fighting activity than if you use something like a slow juicer.

So, I always encourage you guys to get the slow juicer with the lower RPM than instead of the faster one.

That’s a lot of comparison, let me know which one you would prefer in the comment box below and why you prefer that juicer.

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