Twitter Marketing and profit hints

Twitter Marketing and profit hints with beautiful tips

Profits from the internet have multiplied and they have become infinite and endless. One of these methods is profit from Twitter, and there are millions of people who have been able to achieve tremendous profits worth millions through the Internet, and despite that there are many people who are still wondering if the profit Is the internet really, or just lying and deception ? Is it useful for growing a business or is it just a waste of time ?
In our talk today, we will address one of these ways to profit from the Internet, which is profit from Twitter, and at the beginning we will look at talking about Twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a site that includes the millions of users who send tweets around the clock and every minute of it. It may be that you personally spend the long hours daily on Twitter, but you have not previously heard about the profit from Twitter, and in fact it is very useful to grow business and promote your brand if it is used and exploited in the correct way.

This is really true as there are millions of people who have Twitter accounts and follow their established profit strategies from Twitter. There are many ways that you can profit from Twitter. Its conclusion is that you have a large number of followers who interact with you constantly and interact with them. All you need to start earning from Twitter is a computer and a Twitter account and the rest is dependent on your strategy that you will adopt to profit from Twitter.

Here are some ways and means that will enable you to harness the collective energy on Twitter to get customers, fans, and followers who love all your products and services as well as your tweets. But in the beginning and before going through this experience, you have to set your goals and plans and know what you want or what you want to get by going through this experience on Twitter?

Earning from Twitter: setting goals

Many people forget this important detail when starting to work, but the goals must be determined in the beginning. No strategy can work without setting some goals for it, and without setting goals you will be more prone to mistakes. According to sprout social statistics, more than 41% of companies are not completely sure of the effectiveness of their social media or that they are beneficial to them or if they have achieved any actual results.

  • But why are they not sure ?
    Often they do not have any actual activities on social media because they did not set real goals for them. They post on Twitter and hope that people will interact with what they have posted, but publishing without making a pre-plan will not work. You need to put in place some plans and goals that you want to achieve and on the basis of that you define your posts accordingly.

According to Hupspot data, 65% of companies think that interest in traffic and attracting visitors is the biggest challenge when it comes to marketing. But why aren’t they trying to use Twitter to overcome this hurdle ?!

Here are some plans and goals to be achieved with Twitter:

  • Get more traffic.
  • Bring more customers.
  • Provide fast customer service.
  • Get followers.
  • Provide the Internet.

After achieving these goals, choose a specific achievement for each of them.

Profit from Twitter

These goals can help you maintain a higher response rate than the set rate. Bring a certain number of potential customers through Twitter. You also have to set a time period to finish achieving each goal, be it quarterly, monthly, or weekly.

You can then measure activity rate and goal tracking using Google Analytics . And if you build valuable goals, you will get many Twitter accounts with great aspirations and low results. After determining your goals, you will need to communicate with the right people.

The first question that will come to your mind when you start using Twitter, how can I get the most followers ?! But you are supposed to focus on how to get active followers because the number does not represent anything and has no value if the followers do not interact with you. The best way to get active followers is Twitter chats, the more you can increase the number of your followers and the more they can attract their interest, the more your popularity will increase.

In addition to conversations, people use Twitter to discuss with each other about topics they are interested in. Twitter is not only used to display or publish content and ads, but people use it to discuss their ideas and topics that they are interested in and share with each other.

People who communicate with you via chats are the ones who post your posts, answer them, and share your account with their audiences. This is the most important reasons why Twitter chat is one of the most important elements in your business that you should pay attention to and turn to.

Contact and message users and be sure your messages reach them so that they know you are there and communicate with them and answer their inquiries. And if you can’t find a Twitter chat related to your domain, create your own chat and work.

Once you’ve created conversations with multiple chats, follow them and get to know their favorite conversations. Return their tweets, communicate with them and talk to them about what they want to talk about and share their interests, the idea here is to communicate with the largest number of users and create a large audience of followers for you and your business, through your communication people will remember you and remember your business and thus you can profit from Twitter.

According to sprout social statistics, rapid response is the basis on which you should be concerned, because it is the biggest incentive that drives them to make purchases. People will interact with your content, whether it’s a friendly, unique, interesting conversation, or even just a joke.

After you publish your content, you will need to make a schedule of your tweets as follows:

Twitter strategy and schedule
You must have a publishing schedule for your Twitter account, knowing when to post, and what to post? . Keep this table in mind when you are developing calendar content. And remember to repost your link on your tweets. Posting the link for one time is a big mistake. There are millions of brands on Twitter, and publishing multiple times will bring you amazing results.

The importance of re-publishing is due to the fact that if you post it once, many users will not see it, and it is important to put tweets on Twitter so that you can set a fixed rate of time appointments for users, but how can you determine the correct time to tweet ? There are thousands of tools that can tell you the correct time to post or Twitter. These tools determine the time when your followers are active until you determine the most appropriate time to tweet.

Twitter ads:
There are several types of Twitter ads:

Promoted Tweets.
Promoted accounts.
Promoted trends.
We will briefly address them below.

Promoted Tweets:

They are just regular tweets that you pay to offer to users who don’t follow you originally. These users will re-post your tweets as they do with unpublished tweets. You can reach many users who have not known your brand before and share good business content with them, which is a good way to profit from Twitter. These tweets will appear in the search results as well as in the users’ diaries.

Promoted accounts:

Promoted accounts put you in the spotlight where you can get many followers. Where your account will appear on the diaries of the targeted Twitter users as well as in their search results and suggestions.

Promoted trends:

The most common topics often appear on the navigation panel, Twitter applications, as well as on the right side of your control panel.
And you can promote the hashtag through its promoted trends. By clicking on the hashtag, users can see the tweets posted on your account before any other tweet. There are hundreds of Twitter advertising campaigns that you can use to be able to profit from Twitter.

Ad campaign types:

You can choose from among the relevant advertising campaigns related to your business. You can also specify the results for each campaign you want to pay for. Attractive campaigns, frequency-based campaigns, are based on promoted tweets. For engagement campaigns, you only pay when users interact with your post. As for the number of impressions in the tweets promoted, you will not pay anything. Below we will deal with different types of ads.

  • Through followers: You pay for everyone who interacts with your tweets and follows you after you promote your account. – Promotion or awareness: In this type of advertisements, you are promoting your tweets and paying for the number of impressions.
  • Number of video views: When promoting with a video, you pay for the users who watch it.
  • Installing applications: It targets those who have not used your application before, or followers who have not installed your application from the beginning, and you will pay for each installation and you can include an installation card that explains what your application looks like.
  • Making transfers: This is done through promoted tweets, where you will pay for each customer to be transferred to and you can allow users to share their email and the appropriate name for the application and can make the list later.

Among all these options, Twitter video is one of the most important forces you have to use to help you profit from Twitter.

We will discuss it in some detail:

Twitter video

The number of videos has increased and interest in video has increased in the world of content industry in recent years. There are even many business owners and marketers who have budgeted for these videos to market their businesses. Perhaps Twitter is not the first thing that comes to your mind as a way for you to publish your videos or market your business through video on them, but what distinguishes Twitter from others is the presence of options to display the video on the site.

One of these options is the original video: the advantage of this method is that it helps you record a video of up to 140 seconds and upload it to Twitter directly.

Another option is Periscope, or Twitter’s live streaming service where your videos are streamed directly through Periscope and shown to followers interested in your field.
In addition, your followers can watch the video again after its broadcast ends, so interest in videos and their use in marketing are never considered a waste of your time, as it is one of the most important ways to profit from Twitter.

Conducting competitions
You must know that the types of contests you can do on Twitter are endless.

We will now take a look at how the competitions work in steps:

1- Determine the type of competition that you will conduct.
Initially, you will choose the type of competition that meets your goals. If you want to develop your mailing list, a lottery may be the best solution. And if you seek to participate, competitions are the solution.

2- Determine the prize
The prize will be the biggest incentive to attract users to your competition, and you must pay attention to choosing the award to suit your business or your field in order to focus on the biggest goal of doing this competition, which is your own business, and those who are interested in it.

It is preferable to abandon a product or two of your products (such as a prize), so setting products that are not related to your field such as the laptop will not benefit you much, although it will encourage many to participate in the competition and increase your followers, but they may be not good customers.

3- Create the competition
Create a unique and interesting content page and it is easy to navigate between its contents. If users find the page difficult to access, they will leave it.

4- Promotion of the competition
Now that you have created and prepared for the competition, you must start marketing to it, through a series of paid posts, to target interested people and spread the competition on a larger scale.

Here are some ways to expand the competition to get the maximum benefit from it:

  • Participate in the contest on social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and many other means.
    Send an email to your clients, they will like to participate in it, and they will spread it among friends.
    Create an ad on Twitter targeting users who are not following you.
  • Make an advertising campaign to harness the power of the media and explain your content and business.
    Create a banner about the competition and link the contest page to your site so that visitors to your page can see it.

5- Follow the competition

You have to follow how the competition is going and monitor developments so that you can determine whether or not you are achieving your goals. By your continuous follow-up, you can set the adjustments at the correct time, and you can use the Google Alerts application. You only need to set an alert to monitor any event that occurs during the competition.

6- Choose the winner and follow up after it

After you choose the winner and announce it on your site, you will want to keep the alerts received to you through clicks and interactions from your followers, so you should make the most of the competition to enhance your Twitter account. You can do this by announcing the winner on your Twitter account or any means of social media, as well as sending an e-mail to the followers and a message of thanks addressed to all who participated in the competition with a notice of the following competitions. All of this will draw attention to your brand and will continue until long after the contest ends. It is a great way to profit from the Internet.

Support your efforts with the right tools
Now that you know everything that is needed to use Twitter to grow your business, you can profit from Twitter. You now need some additional tools to make your work more easy. More importantly, it will shorten the time for you. Below is a list of tools that will shorten the time you need to complete many businesses on Twitter and make the marketing process on Twitter easier and smoother.

-Twitter Fox : This is the Firefox plugin and it helps you to see the tweet inside the list through your browser, in which case you don’t have to exit the browser to follow Twitter.

  • TweetDeck : It is an ideal tool for monitoring and scheduling Twitter posts, and other features.
  • SocialOomph : This program is very similar in its features to TweetDeck, and it enables you to schedule in advance and also enables you to follow the keywords.
  • HootSuite : This feature enables you to follow all your social media from one place.
  • Followerwonk : This feature helps you to increase your social media access and facilitate your Twitter analytics knowledge.

Where you can know what your followers are, know their places, and even more, you can share your reports.
Whatever tool you choose, you should devote more time and effort to it, away from your daily business agenda.

The conclusion
Perhaps you are now wondering if Twitter is really useful for growing your business ?! The answer is simple: yes, it is useful. But you have to choose the right paths to reach your desired goals.

After you set the standard goals, you will have a chart that shows you the reasons for using Twitter in particular to grow your business, as Twitter will put your foot on the right path to grow the business and achieve what is required in the end, which is profit from Twitter. As well as gaining experiences by joining chats, communicating with followers and users, using Twitter ads for your business and promoting tweets, accounts, or business-related trends.

The bottom line is that you can pay attention to ads to promote your business and your accounts with special attention to the video. As well as do competitions to promote your products, pay attention to followers and follow up with them. In addition to the additional tools from Twitter that save you time and effort. Using us on Twitter effectively instead of heading for other strategies will save us a lot of time and effort and will ultimately reach our goal of using it which is profit from Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most important and largest sites in the world that many companies and individuals go with with a complete willingness to pay huge sums to advertise and promote their businesses on it, and if you are those who want to profit from the Internet and Twitter specifically, then Twitter is a good site to promote business through it and it will be a good start For profit and will bring you a good income.

The idea depends on the number of followers, so if you have a good number of followers interested in your brand and active users, you can achieve your goal in profit from Twitter, and certainly the more your followers increase the more your business grows and the more profit you make.

You can now start promoting your business through Twitter and be fully prepared to communicate with customers. Just choose one of the ways to profit from Twitter and apply it immediately.
And don’t forget to share with us a part of your experience and your preferred way for you to profit from Twitter.

Finally, dear reader, I hope that you will honor me by communicating with me on various social networks

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