Using Facebook pixel to advertise campaigns directly to Shopify

Explain the work of advertising campaigns directed to Shopify.

Facebook ads Welcome again to a new lesson from the Lessons Course for Professionals from A to Z. Today’s lesson will be based on your wishes and suggestions about (facebook pixel). In the beginning, you must know what is the facebook pixel so you should not start making targeted ads without To understand what it means, and unfortunately many people who do facebook pixel do not know what it means.

Facebook targeted ads or facebook pixel, if you are working in eBay, you must have certainly noticed that when you search for a specific type of product on eBay, then when you browse on Facebook you will find that all ads or most of the ads that appear to you are specific to the product that You were searching for it, or for example, you search for a specific clothing product, for example, on Google, and then when you browse Facebook, you find that the ads that appear to you here are also related to clothes.

The question here, where did Facebook know your interest? !!
Simply the idea here is that the owner of the site works with facebook pixel. How is that? The site owner links his site to the facebook pixel with HTML code. This code will follow you when you visit the site and when you enter Facebook, it will show ads to you. So here he is making Facebook ads targeted to specific people who are already interested in what he offers, and this is the meaning of facebook pixel and it is very simple but it was necessary to understand the meaning and understand how Facebook ads work.

It is Facebook technologies now that it targets you in the place, what does this mean ?? That is, while you are in one of the places or malls, for example, and you open the Facebook application from your phone, Facebook will target you and send advertisements about places near you to your account to appear on your page. And facebook pixel is a very cool modern technology. Here, the theoretical fissure ended.

As for the application: First, we will go to the creat ads, and then to the ads manager, and then to the pixel, then setup pixel, an HTML code will appear for me. Choose to copy and paste the code, then next, and then we go to the Shopify Store from themes, then Edit HTML / CSS, and then track and track the audience that you want to target, then we go to HEADER and we paste the code and then we save the changes.

How do I know if my facebook pixel really works? !! Simply, I will go to Pixels again and it will show you the page, the completed visits and their dates. In the end, I go to the creat ads and from there to the convirsion because I want to know the conversion percentage, I will follow the steps and when the code appears to me, I put it on the page so that I can know the points that I want. This concludes today’s lesson on explaining advertising campaigns for Shopify

Congratulations, you got the sale of a showbife, how do I order? Enter and learn.
Welcome to a new lesson from the Shopify course for professionals. If you are waiting for the course to end until you start working in ShowPay, you can start from now because the rest of the course is just a professional part .. What do I mean by saying a professional here? !! It can be a professional word that expresses words that many know and is not at all alien to their ears, but it means something or something extra to improve or improve your performance of some things.

We have previously explained how to build a shop on Shopify and how to link it to Instagram and Twitter and link it to Social Media, and we have also explained everything that you can need in this course, and in today’s lesson we will open the store on Shopify and on the main page through the word orders will show us three options for the first option orders and in it The details of the sale show that someone bought the commodity and that the money was transferred to Paypal.

Drafts are not important at the present time, Abandoned checkouts and this option lets you know the people who visited your site and made the purchase process, but they went back and did not complete the process.

Congratulations, you got to sell the Shopify. How did you order the order?
We return again to orders and from them we know the buyer’s data, look at the commodity he bought and see where we will bring them from? If the item is from Amazon, we will return to the Chipping Path from Amazon to eBay.

The seventh part is entitled (Explanation of Buying from Amazon) and it contains a detailed explanation of buying from Amazon and payment is via Visa or Amazon gift card, and if you want information about the Amazon gift card, go to the eighth part of The same course and you will find everything explained in detail.

If the commodity is from Ali Express, and I personally prefer buying from Ali Express because the goods on the site are less expensive than other sites, you register your membership in Ali Express and choose the product and its data (color, size) and then buy now a page will appear that will not fill you in until after To make a sign up on the site so that you have a membership that you can track orders through, and then you can put the buyer’s data and how to extract customer data.

Also refer to the ebay course. Check the data, then save it and click the Shipping option. The lesson as you see is very simple, but I have explained it to clarify things further. With this amount, the lesson today, which was entitled ((Congratulations, you got the sale of Showbay .

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